Letter to the editor: Supporting Nathan Monroe for city council Position 2


I am writing to support Nathan Monroe for the vacant position #2 on the Edmond’s City Council.

For the Edmonds residents to believe that the selection will be equitable, it must be based on objective criteria. In this instance preference should be given to those applicants who were actual candidates for the city council. These individuals spent an enormous amount of time and effort and had to raise money to run for these positions. They spoke to the community, described their experience and qualifications and presented their visions for Edmonds. There are other people who are also applying for this position. However, since they haven’t campaigned, we know virtually nothing about them, their qualifications or their positions on the issues which are of concern to the citizens of Edmonds. I believe that no matter how well qualified, they should not be considered for the open position on the city council.

In most, similar, situations, the candidate who was not elected but received the most votes would automatically get the job. This is the only fair and impartial criterion for selection. It demonstrates respect for the intent of the voters. Ignoring the votes of the people is not in the democratic tradition.  In this case, the voters have already shown their preference. Nathan Monroe received the largest number of votes among those candidates who were not elected. Thus he is the logical and, indeed, the only fair choice. Not choosing Nathan Monroe could send a very negative message to the Edmonds voters. In the view of the citizens of Edmonds using other, nonobjective, criteria could delegitimize the selection process as well as the person selected

Nathan Monroe was born and raised in Edmonds. He has made his home here and thus he knows and understands the Edmonds community more intimately than the other candidates.  He has the integrity, experience, ability and commitment to do the job.  He shares our desire to have Edmonds retain its character and charm. He is a civil engineer who has served Edmonds very ably for years on the Edmonds Planning board. His attendance at Board meetings has been exemplary.  As is typical for engineers, he has a very methodical, logical, reasoned and objective view of the issues that currently confront Edmonds, many of which deal with building codes, funding for civic projects and the need to stay within budgetary limits. His clear headed approach is tempered by an understanding of the human and personal problems that concern our citizens. The board needs a person like Nathan Monroe to blend the needs for the community with the feelings and concerns of the citizens of Edmonds and the judgement to do so in an even handed, objective and compassionate way.

Gerald Bernstein, M.D., MBA


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  1. Edmonds citizens local electoral process requirers candidate to select a specific incumbent for his or her opponent. Using the At Large voting system, the Edmonds citizens would know the true rankings of who they want in office.

    It is possible, Nathan Monroe would have been sworn in tonight. It also possible Attorney NAND, Alicia Crank, and, or others would be as well. The current structure skews who the Edmonds Citizens would have voted for given the opportunity the true number of “most” votes. In At Large Elections, I have witnessed the candidate with the next highest votes being considered and being elected.

    Due to the current system, I was unable to vote for one of the highly qualified candidates, and the majority voted differently than me on two of the candidates, as it sounds like it did with you on at least one.

    Hopefully, the Council will appoint the applicant who fills the largest area of need for this term.
    Lori J. Rasmussen, MPA


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