Letter to the editor: We support Will Chen for Edmonds City Council


We were thrilled to learn that our friend Will Chen is running for the open seat on the Edmonds City Council.

Considerate, positive, well-spoken and committed to the Edmonds community, Will Chen listens with great attention, and really does solve problems by working with others to find common ground. He is a dedicated family man and he is tireless.

One of the things we find most compelling about Will is his successful transition from someone born and raised in China, with almost no English, to a successful American businessman, fluent now in two languages. This shows great intelligence and determination. He is the managing shareholder of Will Chen, CPA, PLLC. With a B.A in Accounting from the University of Iowa, a MA in Accounting, and an MBA from Western Washington University, he has a superb education.  He is an excellent speaker and writer.

Of great importance, Will would a be strong advocate for the Highway 99 Asian community. This is a critical area, sorely overlooked, and badly in need of representation. He understands the needs of the community and can communicate with the diverse groups represented there. Will told us that even though these groups span many nationalities, cultures and generations, they are all share one characteristic — they’re Americans, and he can work with them.

In addition to volunteering as an Ambassador the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, he is a Housing Commissioner for the City of Edmonds. He is President of the Bing Kung Association, a member and past treasurer of Seattle Chong Wa Benevolent Association, and the current CFO of Golf Club 808.

Ralph has worked with Will in the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce where he is a supportive member, a positive presence and an Ambassador.

We believe Will would be an excellent addition to the Edmonds City Council.

Ralph and Peggy Sanders

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