Letter to the editor: Why Doug Peterson should be appointed to the Edmonds City Council


I would like to recommend Robert “Doug” Peterson for the vacant city council position.

He has lived in Edmonds for nearly 40 years and knows the history of Edmonds. I go to him with questions, such as, “Why do not all new homes have sidewalks installed by the builder?” Answer, “Builders are required to put in sidewalks only if there is an existing sidewalk.” Doug can be the voice for the safety of parents and their children when they walk to school.

He would represent what I call the “No Man’s Land” between Main Street, Edmonds Way, and 9th Avenue and 76th Avenue.  I suspect other parts of Edmonds, formerly part of Snohomish County, are underserved relating to safe walkways for our children.

Doug would also be the voice of the “Gray Haired People” whose transportation needs are not being fulfilled by calling D.A.R.T. Other cities have found creative solutions to solve this problem. A friend spent over $90 for transportation to a doctor appointment, stop at a pharmacy and back to her home.

Doug is currently a member of the Tree Board and cares about our environment. I can’t imagine how it hurt him to see all the old growth trees cut down by the construction company on the corner of Pine and Ninth Ave. We need a councilmember, like Doug, who will be a voice for our environment.

While in graduate school at Antioch University I asked a National Business Consultant, “What do you look for in a consultant?” His answer, “Gray Hair.”

He is a former business owner who established and successfully ran the Edmonds Winery. He is “Tech Savvy,” having worked in the field of computers at Group Health before retirement.

I have in lived Edmonds since 1960 and I am excited about our new mayor and current council members. I encourage you to select Doug to fill the current council position. He will add wisdom, logic and forthrightness to the current council.


Betty Quatier

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