Letter to the editor: Why I support Will Chen’s appointment to city council

Dear Editor:

I am writing to support Will Chen for the vacant position on the Edmonds City Council. For the past 10 years, Mr. Chen has enjoyed living in Edmonds and owning and operating a small business for the past five years. He has a vested interest in seeing Edmonds flourish both personally and professionally and wants to contribute more to the community he has appreciated being a part of, so that other residents also feel they belong and have a voice in city matters.

Will is very professional with good communications skills. He has incredible leadership quality. He also has a vast amount of community service and volunteer experience.

I have been fortunate to have invested in a home in this area of Edmonds 12 years ago, and I love the fact that our community has maintained its small-town charm yet having a good mix of small businesses that fulfill the residents’ needs. Will Chen understands the importance of keeping a balance between responsible growth and sustaining our small-town charm. When I spoke with Will, I learned that he will champion to maintain Edmonds as an ideal living community that is a good place to raise a family. The top three issues that concern me most are traffic congestion, limited parking and senior housing options. When I mentioned these issues to Will, he listens full-heartedly and is committed to work with other city council members to solve these problems.

I believe Will Chen would be an excellent addition to the Edmonds City Council because he understands those issues, living in and owning a small business in Edmonds, and is very well-connected to many other residents who are experiencing the issues above. In my personal interactions with Mr. Chen, I feel he listens without judgment and always finds common ground with anyone he talks to, while working with them to develop solutions. I am confident that Will Chen will work tirelessly to help improve our city and hope you will appoint him to the council vacancy.


Alfred Yee
12-year resident of Edmonds

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