Letter to the editor: Will Chen is the candidate Edmonds needs for city council

Dear Editor,

I am recommending Will Chen for the vacant position on the Edmonds City Council.  My husband and I have lived in the lovely City of Edmonds since 2001, and we currently run a small business from our home. Edmonds is growing. The city now has to find a good path to bringing urban-ish vibrancy without losing its charming small town culture and characteristics. More than before, like the city of Seattle, Edmonds also faces the fine balancing act of helping the needy while avoiding becoming a nanny state.

I endorse Will Chen because I believe:

    • His professional background adds needed analytical skills to planning for a growing city
    • Being a first-generation immigrant, he has an effective reach to a unique pocket of Edmonds citizens who may be less vocal
    • His previous exposure to a different political system should also serve as an advantage in analyzing potential impact, positive or negative, of government policies and actions on people’s lives

Weijia Wu

12 Replies to “Letter to the editor: Will Chen is the candidate Edmonds needs for city council”

      1. Not many years ago, I think most of the City Council was appointed. Is this true Ron? I’d argue it’s a fool’s errand participate in an election when getting appointed is so much easier and more effective. 1) Make friends, 2) Get Vacancy Appointment, 3) Participate in -next- election as an incumbent.


        1. I’m not aware of a period of time when most of council was appointed. Peterson was appointed, but was elected in 2009. Buckshnis was appointed in 2010, but elected in 2011 before Nelson was appointed.

          When a person applies for an appointment very soon after a general election in which they were not a candidate, to me they are no more than an opportunist.


  1. Many of our council members have been appointed first and then run at the next election. According Council president (2019 and 2020) the form used for this application was the same for the last 3 appointments and required the applicant, if appointed, campaign for that same position in the next election. Appointment and then running forces the applicant to actually do the job and show future voters they have done a good job. Beating a 1+ year incumbent is much easier then beating a 8 or 12 year incumbent.


    1. I think in 2011, when we first moved here, three of the Council were appointed if we count Mike Nelson. There likely were others who where appointed before elected. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me. Apparently the better one’s are appointed. Hate the game, not the players. Will Chen, I endorse you. I got a 1 out of 18 chance.


      1. Not true; the only member serving on the council in 2011 who was appointed was Diane Buckshnis, and she was elected in November 2011. The mayor, Mike Cooper, had been appointed. Mike Nelson was not appointed until 2015.


  2. Dear Matt Richardson,

    Thank you for your endorsement! I am glad to see so many candidates step forward and show their willingness to serve the city we all love, myself included. I am confident that the council will select the most qualify candidate to fill the open council seat.

    Will Chen.


    1. Cheers, you will do great. There’s a lot of people who wrote letters recommending you, and it’s difficult to get people to put their neck out for you, which says something.


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