Lynnwood woman seriously injured Tuesday after being hit in Edmonds’ Hwy 99 crosswalk

Location of the collision.

A 22-year-old Lynnwood woman was seriously injured Tuesday morning in Edmonds when she was hit by a car while crossing Highway 99 in a crosswalk at 224th Street Southwest, Edmonds police said.

The woman, who was in “serious but stable” condition after being struck, was taken to Providence Hospital in Everett, said Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Josh McClure.

The incident occurred at 7:56 a.m. Tuesday when the car, headed westbound on 224th and driven by a 45-year-old Bothell man, made a left turn to go southbound on Highway 99, striking the woman.

The driver was cited for second-degree negligent driving, McClure said.


6 Replies to “Lynnwood woman seriously injured Tuesday after being hit in Edmonds’ Hwy 99 crosswalk”

  1. There’s no left-turn signal for westbound traffic turning south into 99. They have to make the turn on the green signal, which also gives a WALK light to the victim in this near-tragedy.
    With a proper left-turn signal (green arrow), the pedestrian light would be WAIT and accidents like this could be avoided.

    I hope public works can budget for a fix this year. Highway 99 needs to be made safer for pedestrians.


    1. So sad yes high priority must make Highway 99 safe for pedestrians more walkers, and more fast traffic now.


    2. I have almost gotten in two accidents with other cars at this intersection, where I’m headed westbound and turning south, just as Roger says, and the other car is going straight across, from west to east. There’s something about the way that lanes or lights or traffic patterns or something else are arranged that has given me the impression (on more than one occasion) that the traffic that’s coming at me (headed east) will be turning north. Which they’re not.

      Even if this is just me being “off”, there’s a fair amount of traffic leaving the Ranch 99 shopping center. I think a left turn signal at this light would be great.


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