Plowing and sanding by the numbers: City crews work around the clock to keep streets clear

The one public works casualty during the storm: this bank of mailboxes, which will be repaired soon.  (Photo courtesy Tod Moles)

Now that the snow is melting, City of Edmonds Street/Storm Manager Tod Moles had some statistics to share about the work of his crew to keep city roadways safe during this week’s winter storm.

Moles said workers logged just under 200 hours of overtime, as the timing of this week’s snow and ice occurred when four of his crew of 14 were missing due to scheduled vacations or off-site training.

“I’m, once again, very proud and honestly amazed at the work these guys do in some very challenging conditions,” he said. “Because the way this storm developed, we would get to a point where we had control and then the storm would deliver another dose of snow and it was back to zero…over and over again.”

Moles estimates that city workers used 135 tons of sand, more than 2,000 gallons of anti-ice and 30 tons of a salt/sand mix left over from the February 2019 snow storm.

“We have just three plow/sanding trucks and early on in the storm we lost the plow function on one, so that also challenged the guys,” Moles continued. Losing that truck was the only breakdown during the crew’s 24-hour-a-day, four-day response, which he said was “brutal on equipment and people.” He added he was thankful there were no injuries or damage done “other than a bank of mailboxes that we hit. We’ll get that fixed up soon.”

The next task for the crew? Cleaning up with sweepers and vactors. So citizens should wait a week or so before calling with sand complaints, Moles advised.



2 Replies to “Plowing and sanding by the numbers: City crews work around the clock to keep streets clear”

  1. A big thank you to these folks! I am sure that many people are like me – taking all of this for granted. Their are people doing this at all hours of the night and in bad conditions just so we can drive around the next day. THANkS! Ben Cain


  2. While our road crews were taking care of the streets, a lot of activity supported the effort. Parks Department mobilized their crews working to keep the downtown business district navigable. The facilities department put their crews on public facility sidewalks. Both these efforts are done by hand and are laborious efforts. Our administration folks run double time taking calls and dispatching our people and equipment. Much appreciation to all the departments in the combined effort to keep Edmonds safe and moving


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