Scene in Edmonds: A warm gesture during cold weather

Students in Holy Rosary’s 7th grade class collected fleece and crafted more than 150 scarves for those in the community who are in need of extra warmth this winter season. Under the direction of their homeroom teacher, Liz Curry, students measured, cut and tied all the scarves so they could be delivered to the South Snohomish County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter and the Eastside Winter Shelter for Women and Children, which provide overnight shelter this time of year. (Photos courtesy of Holy Rosary School)


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  1. Please simply enforce the speed limits throughout the city, particularly during the rush hours and on high-traffic roads (Edmonds Way/104 is hitting freeway speeds). Start writing some speeding tickets and people will slow down. The EPD policy of, “ten mph over the limit,” is dangerously lenient.


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