Scene in Edmonds: Students bringing back salmon

Members of the Students Saving Salmon club from Meadowdale and Edmonds-Woodway high schools were busy last week with  efforts aimed at eventually populating local creeks with salmon.

The students carefully placed more than 4,000 chum salmon eggs in specially designed hatch boxes, which were later installed in Shell and Lund’s Gulch Creeks. The hatch boxes will remain in the creeks until March, when the chum fry will emerge into the creeks before beginning their journey to sea.
The students did the same in mid-December with 5,000 coho salmon eggs, which were placed in Shell, Willow and Lunds Gulch Creeks.

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  1. Great Joe, your contribution is so appreciated. Is your group in need of some financial support? Your doing the kind of work we like to support.
    Ed Chapman


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