School board member Carin Chase named state director for Bernie Sanders presidential campaign

Carin Chase

The 2020 presidential campaign organization for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday that it has hired Edmonds School Board Director Carin Chase as the campaign’s Washington State Director. 

Since 2015, Chase — a resident of the Esperance neighborhood — has served on the Edmonds School Board. She is also a state committee member for the 32nd District Democrats and is the corresponding secretary for the National Federation of Democratic Women. 

“We look forward to working with our grassroots support across Washington to build an unprecedented campaign that will help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic Nomination and defeat Donald Trump,” Chase said. “Working people know that Bernie Sanders is going to fight for them when he is in the White House because he has been fighting for them his whole career.”

According to the campaign, Sanders volunteers have already held more than 750 events, such as phone banks and canvasses, across Washington. The campaign has received more than 248,000 donations from Washingtonians totalling more than $5 million.

The campaign be holding a primary countdown celebration starting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9 at Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave., in Seattle This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required but an RSVP is encouraged. Entrance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


  1. Congradulations Carin.

    I need to know that you will be stepping down from the school board.

    This appointment seems to be in conflict with what should be a nonpartisan position and I know there are a lot of people that already believe our school system has become a indoctrination of liberal as l ideology for our youth.

    1. Agreed. I’m a Republican activist. It would be inappropriate for me to sit on public boards. But, being elected to a board is a different situation. I’ve told others, there are no such things as nonpartisan elections. If the dog catcher were elected, the 21st and 32nd dems would plant it. They’re doing their job. #Respect

      1. We have social security and medicare now without socialism. People use sarcasm when they’re not capable of saying anything useful – better to say nothing.

      2. Frank, Yes, if I were allowed to not pay into social security, I’d be okay with not being allowed to take it. I agree, though, Ron’s generation installed this mess. My last social security statement had a FAQ sheet that said I wasn’t getting any benefits anyways unless there is a significant increase in contributions and an increase in the retirement age. Aflac offers better rates for better insurance.

    1. Hillary cheated in the primaries. Seth Rich was a Berni supporter. I do believe it’s the party of Sanders now. I dont think he will be allowed to be nominated.

    2. Ron, I was in Seattle and there was a group of socialists demonstration for a higher minimum wage. They wanted socialism, which is just Worker-Owned Means of Production. So I asked them, “Why dont you people…” (there was about 30 of them there) “… all chip in some time and resources to start a company, then you could all run that company democratically, and pay eachother however you choose?” There are socialist companies out there, Mondragon is often cited. Nothing is stopping socialists from starting socialism *without* the rest of us. Nuns live in communes without needing the rest of us to participate. The fact is, socialists dont want socialism (or else they’d be doing it on their own) – they want communism, which is State-Owned Means of Production and forced participation. This is why teachers are often socialists and dont like ideas like school vouchers.

      My favorite tweet: < circa 2013

  2. Congratulations Carin. As long as she continues to be an advocate for schools being a place of education and not indoctrination I’m cool with her “outside” activities.

  3. This is an obvious Conflict of Interest…politics and school board…

    What if Carin was put in charge of the WA State Re-election Committee for Donald Trump???


    1. Don, conflicts of interest are allowed if the person is elected. For example, Kim Davis was a Kentucky County Clerk that got national attention for refusing to give gay people marriage licenses. It’s worth noting she is/was a Democrat who, herself, had children out of wed-lock and had her own issues with practicing her own, heterosexual, marriage. Traditional Marriage advocates lionized her for using her office to exercise her own religious beliefs, and there were little that could be done because she was an elected official.

      Edmonds created Ordinance 3689 in an attempt to prevent Conflicts of Interest, like Councilman Mike Nelson being appointed to a position that managed SEIU contracts while also being a lobbyist for SEIU. We elected him mayor. There’s nothing tangible that can be done to prevent COI if someone is elected. In Democracy, COI is practically encouraged.

    2. Don, the Edmonds Public Works twitter feed inadvertently liked a Trump tweet and it made the news, and apologies were issued. I couldn’t imagine how people brains would explode if anyone on our school board also worked on the Trump campaign. The COI issues I actually understand, but the double-standard is derangement.

  4. Supporting a lifelong socialist is anyone’s prerogative but when that blends into indoctrination of schoolchildren the public should be concerned. And, yes Social security and Medicare began with FDR, leading us to where we now are; unsustainable debt.

    1. “unsustainable debt” is not caused by SS and Medicare. We all contribute to these benefits (not entitlements) through out our working life. Employers also contribute on our behalf to these funds. We pay for these benefits.
      Unsustainable debt is created when borrowing is greater than income. In our governments case I would suggest that taxation iincome has fallen to such a low point that the government cannot pay it’s way and has to borrow to pay the bills. Try this in your own life and see haw far you can go until you have unsustainable debt and eventual bankruptcy.

      1. Employers could contribute more to employee paychecks if they were forced to pay into benefit systems, which means the employee pays for 100% of these schemes regardless whose bank account writes the check.

        Even SSI says it’s not sustainable.

        Intragovernment borrowing is how SSI dies. The SSI Trust Fund was hock’d by Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. Basically, just like I might take a VCR to the pawn shop for a loan, I can say I still own the VCR. I just can’t watch movies because the pawn shop has physical possession of it. The false value assessment made by government is that the $30 they have in hand, plus the $30 valuation of the VCR held by the pawn shop, means they are $60 rich. <- "The Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted by 2034, based on current law projections"

        Bill Clinton pawned the SSI Trust Fund:

        Double-counting (the government owes itself money, most specifically SSI money):

  5. Once again Mr. Shindler is the voice of reason when the ideological cliches and half truths are spewed incessantly in our comments section. There is a difference between indoctrination and teaching young people to think for themselves. As Mr. Wambolt points out, we can have a social security system and medicare and not be a socialist country. Medicare for all would not even make us a socialist country, especially if there was also a private option for those who can afford it. Most people can’t afford to send their children to private schools. so we have public schools. Does that make us a socialist country? If the government takes over making our shoes, raising our food, and making cars and planes, then we can worry about being a socialist country.

  6. Sanders’ view of economy…

    From Each According to His Ability, to Each According to His Needs

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is a slogan popularised by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. The principle refers to free access to and distribution of goods, capital and services. In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist system will be capable to produce; the idea is that, with the full development of socialism and unfettered productive forces, there will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.,_to_each_according_to_his_needs

    1. Marx was also a deadbeat dad, never held a job or run a business, shared a pair of pants with several other men, was racist beyond what was contemporily acceptable, and was in debt to anyone foolish enough to lend to him. I’m floored anyone would think he knows how to organize a society. Imagine Andy Dick as a marriage councilor.

  7. SEIU / School District / City Gov’t… on and on…its all the same block of schlubs advocating to eliminate your choice (forced mass transit funding), infringe upon your rights with unenforceable legislation (“safe storage”) and indoctrination your children (innumerable examples). Get ready for a 40 state landslide in November!!!!!

  8. When I hear Sanders is advocating that the government take over all the means of production in our economy, I’ll get worried. I notice that when capitalism fails like it did in 2008, we always result to temporary socialism (tax payer bailouts) to get back on track. The huge Trump corporate tax breaks and tariff rebates to farmers (mostly big agra businesses) are nothing but socialism and redistribution of wealth to benefit the already wealthy for the most part. Our current prosperity is based on huge debt being heaped on future generations. Bernie and Donald (Trump) are each selling us their own favorite brand of b.s. Take your pick.

    1. Clinton, you’re wrong. TARP was an FDIC payout. FDIC is *socialized* bank underwriting. There are always business cycles, but never has there been a depression before FDR. The biggest recession prior to 1932 was in 1921… Warren G Harding did nothing, the newly created Fed did nothing, capitalism fixed itself. Prior to banking socialism, the speculators lost while the rest of the people werent saddled with paying for the malinvestment of others. Theres nothing Capitalistic about Fannie-Mae or the Bernanke-Put. That’s socialism. Read up.

  9. Matt, you are ” W R O N G” … a good way. (Wonky Reporting O N Government) Keep us all thinking and learning but take care when discussion ideas with us older folks. Some of us try hard and may not be able to take criticism.

    1. You’re *right* Darrol. There’s a lot of revisionist history on any subject, especially economics. A calibrating fact is, the Great Depression didn’t end until 1948. WWII was an FDR make-work program just like WPA. Our grandparents brought us socialism via theft and war (Ron Paul calls it the “Warfare-Welfare State”).

      There were no depressions prior to FDR. Socialized banking is the cause of ever-more extreme market bubbles, then crashes. Princeton’s Thomas Woods on the Recession of 1921, as compared to the Depression of 1932:

      The 2008 Recession was caused by “interest rates being too low for too long” combined with a Fed “Put” – practically no other reasons. That’s not capitalism. FDIC, for example, is just Social Security for the big banks.

  10. Looks like a #NeverBernie platform is developing, and could manifest out of Iowa. Trump beat 18 other candidates, including mine (was a delegate for Rand Paul). Hillary cheated against her old opponent (Berni), and it will happen.

    A gadfly knows a gadfly, and I don’t see any unifies in the DNC platform. Instead of voting for Yang, they will more likely throw in for no-one before they’d feel the Bern. The vacuum is leaving room for late-comers like Clinton and Bloomberg. The DNC uses caucuses more so than the RNC, and there’s a lot of room for upsets at the conventions.

    1. My latest Berni theory is that mainstream democrats might support him if his VP were [say] Wasserman-Shultz, knowing Berni will soon die anyway of a heart attack (or how Seth Rich did) and they’d get a party insider as POTUS simply by voting him in and waiting him out. Economy might have popped, and my prediction of a recession landing on the election could be coming true. That’s how Berni wins.

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