Ballots due Tuesday for Edmonds School District levy, bond measures

The projected overall tax impact if both the construction bond and technology levy are passed. (Graphic courtesy of the Edmonds School District)

A reminder that ballots are due Tuesday, Feb. 11 for the Edmonds School District special election that includes Proposition 1 — a $600 million construction bond aimed at addressing projected increases in student enrollment — and a $96 million replacement technology/capital levy (Proposition 2).

Your ballot must be postmarked on Feb. 11, or you can deposit it in one of the following drop box locations, open 24/7 until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Edmonds (near library)
650 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020

Lynnwood (in front of City Hall)
19100 44th Ave. W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Mountlake Terrace (near library)
23300 58th Ave. W.
Mountlake Terrace, WA  98043

If approved, the construction bond would fund:

  • School facility renewals across the district, upgrade and program improvement projects ($57.2 million)
  • Complete Phase 2 of the Spruce Elementary Replacement Project ($42.2 million)
  • A new middle school on the former Alderwood Middle School campus ($130.5 million)
  • Replacement of Oak Heights Elementary School ($61.6 million)
  • Replacement of Beverly Elementary School ($65 million)
  • Build a multi-level Innovative Learning Center that would be a new location for Scriber Lake High School and also house some ancillary programs that have not yet been determined ($47 million)

The replacement technology/capital levy would:

  • Provide one-to-one computers in grades 2-12 and two students to one computer in grades K-1, along with online curriculum, other software systems and instructional systems. The levy would also support classroom technology, teacher training and support, and internet access to students who do not have internet at home ($35.6 million)
  • Teacher continuing education and tech support ($6.1 million)
  • Maintain staff computers, software and district administrative support systems. New and more efficient software systems for student information and HR finance ($9.2 million)
  • Provide network infrastructure upgrades and security ($7 million)

To learn more about the propositions, visit the bond and levy page on the district’s website.

More information regarding the bond and levy can also be found on the county’s ballot webpage.


3 Replies to “Ballots due Tuesday for Edmonds School District levy, bond measures”

  1. Just a reminder that this three quarter billion dollar bond and levy will significantly increase your property taxes that you pay in your mortgage or to Snohomish County every 6 months. This is due to the dramatically increasing property values in Snohomish County due to the economy. Your “Reject” vote will force the Edmonds School Board to present each and every homeowner in Edmonds, Woodway, Lynnwood, Brier, and unicorporated Snohomish County to present a reasonable proposal that will not force homeowners out of the area due to property increases. We all want a strong school district but “Enough is Enough”. The bond/levy is more than double what any other surrounding district is requesting in their proposal and with a student population in the District that is growing at less than 1% we need to reject this outrageous expenditure of property taxes that every homeowner pays.


    1. Tom Nicholson believes replacing College Place Middle School is an “outrageous expenditure.” I guess we all have our priorities and his is not our community’s future. These schools are used for sports, community events, parks and recreation, and any other number of events that all citizens have access to and they will benefit from directly and indirectly. This proposal is a significant infrastructure improvement for our entire area. Pay it forward and help our future generations. If you have any question about what Edmonds School District does with the funds, go take your kids or grandkids to a new school play structure that is free for the public to use outside of school hours and see for yourself while your family enjoys the facility.


  2. Two NO votes from our household.

    Jamie, for what this would cost us in increased property taxes I could build the Cadillac of play structures in my own back yard. Twice.


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