Edmonds parks picnic shelter rentals available for reservations starting Feb. 3

The City of Edmonds Parks & Recreation will start taking picnic shelter reservations on Monday, Feb. 3 for the summer of 2020. New for this summer, weekend rentals will either be reserved by morning, afternoon or all-day rentals. Reservations will be taken over the phone or in person at the Frances Anderson Center. Prices for Shelter rentals in 2020 are new and will be as follows:

Monday – Thursday:
$125 per day

$150 per day

Saturday – Sunday:
AM 9 a.m.-2 p.m. $150
PM 3 p,m,-9 p.m. $150
All Day $200

Shelters that are available for rental are the three shelters and gazebo at City Park, and the picnic shelter at Hickman Park.

Shelters rules, regulations and Edmonds City Park rules can be found on the City of Edmonds website. For more information regarding picnic shelter reservations and to reserve a shelter contact the Frances Anderson Center Front Office at 425-771-0230 or chris.brinton@edmondswa.gov.

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