Fate of Initiative 976 still in limbo even though judge largely upholds it

A King County judge has largely upheld Initiative 976, the voter-approved measure to cut car-tab taxes, our online news partner The Seattle Times reported Wednesday. The judge’s decision is seen as a rebuke to Seattle, King County and others who argued the measure was unconstitutional, The Times said.

But drivers expecting a tax cut should be prepared to keep waiting. The measure will remain on hold for now and the judge’s decision on Wednesday is expected to be appealed, according to The Times.

In his written order, King County Superior Court Judge Marshall Ferguson rejected most of the arguments that I-976 was unconstitutional, including claims that it contained too many subjects, wrongly rolled back local taxes with a statewide vote and misled voters with the ballot title. However, the judge didn’t rule on two other claims pending additional information, and as a result the initiative will remain on hold.

You can read the details in The Times story here.

3 Replies to “Fate of Initiative 976 still in limbo even though judge largely upholds it”

  1. Like the result or not, agree with mass transit or not, but the people in the ST 3 area wanted mass transit and voted to fund it (in part) with higher car tabs. The $30 car tab limit was voted on by the entire state. I’m not sure why the people in Spokane (or anywhere outside the ST 3 area) get to have any say on how the people of Edmonds tax ourselves.


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