Following crash, city places temporary signage along BNSF access roads

The temporary signs in place next to the Dayton Street crossing. (Photo by Larry Vogel)

In response to a Tuesday morning train-vehicle collision, the City of Edmonds has placed temporary “Do Not Enter’ signage at the entrance to two access roads that run parallel to BNSF railroad tracks south of Dayton Street.

At the end of Tuesday night’s council meeting, Mayor Mike Nelson noted that the temporary barriers have been installed, but said he asked the city’s public works staff to contact BNSF railroad to add permanent signage or a barrier “to prohibit any future access to that road.”

Ferry and commuter train service were both delayed and vehicle traffic to and from the Edmonds waterfront was blocked on both Dayton and Main Streets after a truck was sideswiped while driving on a private access road Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday, Public Works Director Phil Williams said the city “will work with BNSF to get them to put in more permanent signage.”

“We don’t have the ability to place any permanent signage on their property. Hopefully they will easily see the benefit of doing so to both the public and BNSF,” Williams added.



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  1. Best practice would be to clearly define the edges of the travel lanes — put down some bright white Fog Lines along the edge of the curbside lane. On both sides of Dayton at this rail crossing. A few weeks ago, an errant motorist went the other way up the tracks.


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