Scene in Edmonds: It was a dark and stormy trivia night

On Friday evening as the wind was gusting to 60 mph and the rain changed from showers to torrents, several local areas were reporting power outages. While many people, happy to make it home from a long week, were settling in at home, 55 people ranging in age from 12 to 92 were making their way to a night of intergenerational trivia in the basement of Holy Trinity Church. The event was part of a series of trivia nights sponsored by the Edmonds Senior Center, which have developed an almost cultish following.

When people arrived, there was tension in the air — the pizza place, which was to deliver pizza for the ever-hungry teens and those who came straight from work, had no power and thus no pizza. A search party was dispatched into the night to find food… any food to feed the masses.

The trivia leaders — Michelle, Karen, Elaine and Edmonds-Woodway High School senior Dara — jumped into action. Teams were formed with the required young and old represented. One family arrived with their own team representing three generations. Colorful names were recorded, and the first question asked, “Which famous actor was featured in ‘Lilies of the Field’ and ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” The team members leaned in (so opposing team could not listen in on their deliberation). Then on to the next question.

The team questions were punctuated with “Lightning Round” questions (appropriate for the stormy evening), where individuals would just raise their hands with the answer. “What fruit is known as the “love apple”? Stumping most in the room, a 12-year-old boy got the correct answer — the tomato. Wacky prizes, like a pair of Valentine “Olive you” socks for the “Lightning Rounds,” were awarded to the winners.

Then like manna from heaven, the search party returned with a startling number of Subway sandwiches, which were quickly devoured. When the sole Subway associate took the emergency order of sandwiches to feed 60 people, she asked, “and what day would you like these?” ….

Back to trivia: “What is the definition of the word “mizzle”? A – a trinket that is thought to bring good luck, B – a sail on a sailboat attached to a mizzen mast, C – the seed of a starfruit, or D – to rain in fine drops. In the spirit of the Northwest, the answer is D.

The team points were tallied, and the winning teams announced. As the stalwart sponsor of the Trivia Nights, the Red Twig Café donates their iconic red mugs (now coveted collectors’ items) and gift certificates as prizes for each of the winners. One teen — a member of the winning team — was heard to say as she was going up to collect her mug, “this is huge”!

The laugher, high-fives and embraces among newfound friends was indeed “huge”.

Watch for the announcement of the next trivia event coming soon — free and open to all. It’s the best remedy to brighten our sometimes-dreary Northwest winter days.

— Submitted by Daniel Johnson, Edmonds Senior Center and future Waterfront Center


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