City of Edmonds closes access to beach parks, dog park

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and encourage social distancing, the City of Edmonds has suspended access to its beach parks, including the off-leash dog park, effective immediately.

The closure includes public restrooms and parking lots at Edmonds’ beaches, Marina Beach Park and Brackett’s Landing North Park, Deputy Parks and Recreation Superintendent Shannon Burley said via email Sunday morning.

“We had too many people at the beaches and needed to take some steps to discourage that behavior and encourage social distancing,” Burley said.

According to Burley, the closure does not include the fishing pier or Brackett’s South Park — yet. The hope is that the restroom and parking closure “will reduce number of people down there significantly,” she said.

Asked whether a closure of all city parks is possible, Burley said that “all parks are being watched closely, (and) if we continue to see too many people in close contact we will be forced to close them.
“At this time we encourage people to get fresh air and walk but to keep their distance and keep moving,” Burley said. “Giant ultimate frisbee games, volleyball games, youth sports practices are all the type of activities that will force us to close the parks.”
The city last week announced the closure of all city playgrounds.

In a post on the city’s Facebook page Saturday, Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson reminded residents that “it is up to us as a community to slow the spread of this virus, if you are able to stay home, please do.”


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  1. Thank you, Mayor Nelson. I was so upset with all the people walking on Sunset without distancing including two teachers I recognized as I drove by on Friday.


    1. Sorry, but that is ridiculous! Closing public restrooms in parks and beaches are hurting the homeless.
      People who have no home, no access to showers, no access to a toilet, water, soap.
      People are choosing fresh air over stale air filled with germs.
      I call for all fear mongers to stop.
      I call for sensible government officials who make sound decisions.


    1. Do you not understand that the reason this virus keeps spreading is because people can’t follow the existing rules? So, the leaders have to keep making stricter rules.

      The truth is, if everyone could just hunker down and not leave their homes for 2-3 weeks this would all be over. But, we understand that is nearly impossible to do so we are trying intermittent steps hoping that it is enough.

      However, people keep trying to find/take advantage of loopholes so every week the state/local leaders have to go on TV and say, “you guys aren’t taking this serious. Your not listening and while not technically breaking the letter of the law, you are breaking the spirit of the law. So, now we, the leaders, have to change the law. The more you guys mess around the longer this whole thing will last. Don’t force us to make you shelter in place. “


      1. Plato said ” Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” So this directive is not directed at those who have already been behaving responsibly per the guidelines set by the state (I for one haven’t seen any of my grandkids for 3 weeks some of whom are hunkered down at Nate’s home) nor is it for those who aren’t going to follow the directives no matter what. It is for the balance of the folks who as Nate says so succinctly just don’t seem to get it or the other person who commented that the 20% of us who are vulnerable should just lock ourselves up so the other 80% can get on with their lives and save the economy.

        I live on Sunset and watched the progress of people over the weekend. The majority of folks were doing a very good job of social distancing themselves — crossing the street to avoid people, stopping and stepping into driveways. But then there was the minority like the pick-up truck full of kids having a party and making jokes about it and those who just stopped to talk like all is normal and just didn’t think things through.

        Governor Cuomo (New York) said it very well this morning ‘”this isn’t sustainable in the long-term” but for sure we should all be able to step up and stick it out for the next 2 to 3 weeks necessary to (1) minimize the impact on our health care system by stretching out the infection rates and (2) hope that a sharp, short shock in today breaks the cycle of transmission and that warmer weather will temporarily reduce the rate of new infections and provide a summer respite for little old Edmonds and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere while our research scientists can work on some therapeutic medicines and ideally a vaccine.

        We can’t rely on the 20 or 40 or even 60 percent doing their part. We need everyone–please do your part and act responsibly for now.


        1. VERY good letter – thanks!

          A great leader, who won: I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

          Those ignoring restrictions: I have nothing to offer.


  2. Thank you, Mayor Nelson. The number of people who treated this time as just a summer day off from work and school, meeting with friends, and not social distancing was very upsetting. I’ve seen a video of someone with coronavirus struggling to breathe, as well as read a description of another’s struggle to recover. Losing 80-90% of your regular lung function is no joke!


  3. Thank you Mr. Mayor.. Way too many people on Sunset yesterday. Gathering in clusters. want to thank the food service and retail stores for getting to work and keep things going.

    Side note, I drove by Richmond Beach, understood this is not Edmonds, there was not an empty parking spot in the lot.

    People need to get a clue.


  4. Let’s not forget that those who live in the same house may choose to trust each others ability to stay uninfected and hurt nobody by traveling our parks in their individual packs


  5. Well Jim, it is risky behavior any way you cut it. And, in my opinion, not considerate of others.

    Certainly does not comply with the Governors edict from Olympia.


  6. Two to three weeks is a very small price to pay in the long run. This will pass as long as we take it seriously and abide by real social distancing.


  7. Is swimming/diving allowed at the Brackett’s Landing diving area or are those activities suspended until the Mayor’s Stay at home order is lifted? Are the restrooms still closed?



  8. Posted March 22, today is May 20; how much longer is this stupidity going to last. There’s Adequate Data to open as much as possible open. Not opening is now more deadly than keeping the Stay at home orders.
    The people have had it, the media is swarming with open this Friday Nation Wide…


    1. The March 22 article is completely out of date. The city reopened the parks, including Marina Beach Park, the fishing pier, and the beaches north of the ferry dock (Brackett’s Landing North) more than two weeks ago …

      A simple check of the City of Edmonds website would tell you that (but you are correct, the stupidity has to end …).


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