Edmonds Theater says it’s closing ‘indefinitely’ beginning March 20

The Edmonds Theater (file photo)

Given the current uncertainly about movie releases in light of COVID-10, the Edmonds Theater announced on its Facebook page that it will be closing “indefinitely” beginning Friday, March 20.

“Mulan” has been postponed indefinitely. James Bond has been moved from April to November. “Fast & Furious 9” has been pushed from May to next year. Given the uncertainty on when new product will be released and the ongoing need to help contain the spread of COVID-19, the Edmonds Theater will be closing indefinitely beginning Friday, March 20.

The theater that said this “a temporary closure,” and added it will continue to update its website and social media to let customers know when it will return to normal operations.

“Throwback Thursday, the Diversity Film Series, and travel talks from Rick Steves’ Europe will not take place in March,” the theater said. “Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this difficult time.”

3 Replies to “Edmonds Theater says it’s closing ‘indefinitely’ beginning March 20”

  1. My thoughts the last few days are that we are very spoiled in this country! We take so much for granted! Our “normal” life is in disarray. Many places in the world live this way all the time (or worse). Let’s try to be calm and get through this (temporary) crisis. Let us be grateful that it is temporary and later be appreciative. Let’s be watchful for, and sensitive to, the needs of others. This will help take our minds off of our own discomforts. Wash your hands and stay safe. Ben Cain


    1. Well said! One might also add that while trying not to be exposed or expose, there are great outdoor things to do – we’re not housebound! Yesterday I walked from the ferry dock to the south end of the harbor and back, and felt a ton better! And I hardly saw anyone. We still have our beaches and our parks!


  2. I am so sorry to see the theater temporarily close, as well as our small local businesses. I wish you all the best and look forward to all reopening.


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