EPIC Poetry Group: Poet’s Corner — Skagit Beauty, Waiting for Fawns

The latest installment of Poet’s Corner, presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group.

Skagit Beauty

The sunshine enticed me out to play this morning.

Mother Nature is showing off, she wants to be admired and photographed.

With adventurer’s anticipation,

I pack cameras, notebooks, sunscreen, and drive north to the flats.

Skagit Beauty is modeling centerfolds of color across the topography.

Blankets of tulips carpet the fields in bands of red, yellow and magenta;

their petals lifted heavenward, reaching for the sun’s rays.

The aroma of freshly spread manure clears the alder pollen from my sinuses.

A tractor hums alongside the road, turning last season’s fallow ground,

releasing the organic perfumes of the chocolate-colored earth.

Red-tailed hawks circle above, watching, waiting for signs of rodent life.

In the background, the sun-lit radiance of Mount Baker

fills the noon sky with penetrating luminescence.

And all the people come…in cars, by bus, on foot and bicycles;

observers of earth’s glory marching through mud and tall grasses,

seeking a divine encounter with the sacred ceremonies of

spring in the Pacific Northwest!

Donna M. Rudiger

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Waiting for Fawns


she sits by the bay window every afternoon

watching, waiting, wondering…

she yearns for a visitor, a validation, a vindication.

how long has this been her daily iteration?


watching the sunset on the horizon,

colors constantly vacillate as the wind shifts the atmosphere.

waiting for autumn to manifest cycles of harvest and release.

waiting for fawns to appear for their afternoon rest

under the giant cedars of her wooded sanctuary.

wondering, always, about the invisible language of movement

in the wind gusting through trees,

calling her spirit, tickling her humor when

zephyrs flirt with dancing leaves pirouetting to the earth.


she trusts the guidance of holiness to disclose new revelation.

watching unashamed, she has braved the radiant brilliance of darkness,

unveiling treasures beyond expectation.

waiting for opportunities each morning to

excavate new mysteries of joy.

wondering about promises encapsulated in uncertainties

along the path she is presently called to pursue,

now set free from a pit not of her choosing!

and each day fawns arrive to rest by the window –

sometimes they watch her watching them –

abiding with her in the presence of peace.


watching, waiting, wondering…

embracing the apex of her beliefs,

rediscovering parts of herself once considered lost,

confident of security in the arms of her Creator.


seasonal repetitive cycles of enlightenment are trustworthy.

the sun rises, the sun sets, the winds sing out her name to the Universe.

each equinox declares its intention and purpose to the Heavens.

every spring regenerates hope, waiting for new fawns.


Donna M. Rudiger

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About the poet:

Donna Rudiger began writing during her adolescent years growing up in Pennsylvania and migrated to the Pacific Northwest in 1974 to study wildlife photography and wilderness living. She is an award-winning poet, a recent graduate of the Institute for Children’s Literature, an active member of numerous writing and storytelling groups in the Seattle area.  She is a retired technical writer and lives among the wildlife in the woods of Arlington. You can contact her at donna.beamer66@gmail.com.





Donna M. Rudiger


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