Good trees for urban gardens: Plants (mostly native) for a Pacific Northwest hedge row

As we are staying close to home, gardening plans come to mind. The flowering plants coming out are an inspiration to add to our garden. Perhaps a hedge row is a good idea. Made up of mostly native plants, they provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife including birds, butterflies and even squirrels.,

It’s not difficult to find an area to plant such a row. Taking out a chunk of grass and replacing it with some of the plants shown simply takes a little planning and digging. Another good place could be at the edge of a field in such places as schools. The row will filter air and provide native habitat.

If you prepare an area in the spring or summer, you will be ready to plant in the fall. Most will choose small plants, which can take root and grow during the winter with little need to water. In the spring, they will put on new growth.

Then provide a 3-4 inch mulch (wood chips are great) to lessen plant stress.

In our great growing area, the row will give us joy quite quickly. The birds and bees will be happy too.