Mayor Mike’s Corner: Thank you for doing your part

Mike Nelson

First, let me say thank you. Thank you to our Edmonds City workers who continue to do their jobs in difficult conditions. Thank you to our business owners and local workers who are under significant strain to stay in business. Thank you to our residents who are doing their best to shelter in place and navigate the new term “social distancing”. And a huge thank you to our medical providers —  the hospitals, the doctors, nurses, home health care, and nursing care providers who are risking their own health to keep us safe.

This is new territory for all of us and I want you to know that the city is with you. We are looking at ways to ease the financial stress for residents and businesses and keep our community as safe as possible.

Our city teams are in constant contact with Snohomish and statewide emergency officials to provide the best information and the best response tools. Many of our own employees are sheltering in place, but are still addressing customer service issues. Our public works, facilities and maintenance teams have been everywhere cleaning and disinfecting while still addressing the everyday issues that keep our city running.

We are working closely with our local businesses to think creatively about providing support. That means reaching out on their behalf to get state, federal and local financial support or even doing something small like installing new 15-minute parking signs so sit-down restaurants can become take out establishments. We are also working with our community partners like the Chamber of Commerce to provide regularly updated information.

Most importantly, we need your help.  Things are evolving rapidly. The best thing you can do to slow the spread of this virus is to shelter in place, except for essential shopping; call your medical provider instead of heading to the ER; and use 911 for life-safety emergencies only. Shelter in place as much as you can to protect our elderly, our neighbors with underlying health conditions, our overburdened health care providers, our children, our families, our friends.

A group of doctors recently wrote a letter that read, in part, “If our health care system fails, then we all suffer. If the hospital is choked with COVID-19 patients, people will appendicitis, heart attacks, broken ankles and so on will not be treated. Everyone is at risk if there is a systematic failure of our health care system, not just those with COVID-19.”

We can slow the spread of this virus if we all work together as a community.

— By Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson

  1. Thanks, Mayor Mike Nelson! I hope MANY MANY residents heed your advice to “Shelter in place as much as you can to protect our elderly, our neighbors with underlying health conditions, our overburdened health care providers, our children, our families, our friends.” Unfortunately Edmonds’ teens are NOT complying.

    1. If teens are not complying with the advice they are being given then shame on their parents – their parents need to control them. We see all of those young people on the beaches in Florida; obviously many of those vacations have been facilitated by parents.

  2. Good job Mayor Nelson, We are a unique city with some amazing people with enormous talent and creativity. I was recently informed that there was a meeting at the Anderson Center on the evening of Feb 27 and one of the participants in that meeting has been tested positive with the CV19. That evening there were many events going on at the same time, dance classes, a marshal arts class and numerous other events with what looked like to be a full house of events. The room that the person was in was arranged with tables in a square with people seated most of the time with the normal coming and going before and after the meeting. All folks at the meeting signed in and while not given assigned seats it would be easy to identify the location of where that person was sitting.

    Most of the participants were in the vulnerable group. There was also 1 former city council member and 3 current council members. It would be nice for those people to know where the person was sitting to judge the risk of exposure. While personal privacy is important someone does know who tested positive. It would be helpful if the city would help sort out the exposure issues just like HS Athletic Club did when they had a confirmed case.

  3. Mr. Richardson, you should’ve stopped after your first paragraph. The rest of what you write is just over the top speculation.

  4. Yes! Thank you to all those who are keeping the water flowing, the electricity flowing, all of our utility workers, municipal employees (including police, fire and all first responders), and everyone who is going to work every day to provide goods and services to us. A special thank you to the staff at QFC at Richmond Beach for being so positive. Times like these sometimes reveal the best in us.

  5. We always enjoy Matt Richardson’s comments. He is smart, and always gives a great reason for his opinions. If you do not agree, fine. There is an ignore button provided for your use. Matt, predicted some really interesting scenarios, that are in motion; keep it up Matt!

    1. Thanks Theresa. Here’s me praising a young man for getting ASE certified *before* the recession, citing the precarious market and how mechanics will be in demand. Car salesman will not be in demand.

      I see an FDR-style response to this market correction, and it will be long and prolonged. Silver looks like a deal right now. JP Morgan dominates that market, and it really looks like everyone (including JPM) are rushing to cash, then will try to buy the bottom of stocks. Physical bullion, locally stored, is my best advise. Bitcoin is trash, but if I were buying bitcoins months ago my advise would be lauded. It is time to prepare. Government rent-checks and other new assistance programs are going to make this long and worse. Foreign governments will drop all our bonds, Chinese will stop buying our houses, the Fed will need to destroy the dollar in order to pay down the sovereign debt. #DebtMonitization

      If anyone wants investment advise (mine is as fallible as anyone else’s), email me at

  6. Matt,

    Thank you for sharing your information with references.

    This week, I emailed the city council members reminding them they have the authority over the downtown Business Improvement Development and its financing allocations, not the advisory board, as it is only an advisory board (though has been allowed to act in a different capacity). I asked the City Council to cease collecting fees at a minimum from the businesses that have been forced to close. I am out of my depth when it comes to the best thing financially, but I requested that the assets of the BID be allocated to the closed businesses. In retrospect I didn’t mean assets, but unallocated funds or inessential funds to businesses be directed to (at the time I said the closed business but now I would like to clarify to small family business owners who rely on the monthly money as their only income. I do not know if this is the best thing to do. I do know it is in the Council’s power to cease collecting BID fees. I also know you, Matt, are highly familiar with the irregularities of the downtown BID in Edmonds and you have been extremely diplomatic with the city regarding it. This is a time to stop collecting money for the BID at least until sometime after the pandemic.

  7. Due to I T and my personal physical viruses over the past month plus,I haven’t been in the loop much. However, it is my understanding, and I could be wrong, I believe the Director of Economic Development proposed taking business licenses. However, I have been ill. , If that did happen, I don’t know, what if any action was taken by the council. I have very limited use of my I T devices for now.

  8. Could someone please explain what the mayor is doing with our 2nd amendment?. And try to use plain English. And make sure its in words that the blue collar people use.

  9. My comment is responsible and respectful. I didn’t use any profanity. I just hope he is not trying to take the people’s ability to protect themselves by making a possible victim have to take a key or combination of numbers to get themselves armed and able to fend off a criminal who doesn’t have to play fair and wait until the homeowner gets his protection out of a safe. Will you at least make a law that makes the criminal have to play fair and not to shoot until the other side is ready.

    1. Bruce, I went to ACE hardware for some supplies day before yesterday. I street kid was walking in when I was coming out. “How you doing?” “Okay, I could use a few dollars.” “I dont have cash right now [thinking about going in to buy her food].” “You got any drugs?” I immediately laughed a, “No.”
      because I wondered if I looked like someone who had drugs. Seriously though, my dad’s house was robbed by people looking for his pain meds. A hard ask for drugs here in the bowl is a sign that there will be some drug-related expeditions. The mayor just hates guns, and is even willing to break state law in his activism. Swedish didnt need metal detectors last month, they needed ventilators. All that’s happening with 2A is that it’s being tested.

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