Scene in Edmonds: Gray day on the beach

A few walkers along the beach during an overcast Saturday.

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    1. My understanding is that the access to beaches via parking lots was closed and the restrooms are closed but I’m not clear about people being able to take a walk on the beach.


      1. Confirmed with the city:

        Beach and walkway are open, EXCEPT for Marina Beach Park / Dog park and the Fishing Pier those are closed. All restrooms, playground equipment, sport courts and playground equipment closed. Parks are open otherwise.

        Brackett’s Landing North parking lot closed to discourage crowds.


        1. What happened this afternoon in Edmonds was that many, many cars were illegally parked along Sunset and far too many people were walking along there to accomplish social distancing. It was very uncomfortable.


        2. But everyone wants to see the water. Do you live on Sunset? We drove by and people were legally parked. Can’t keep that view from everyone. Walkers seemed to be family and just stay in your vehicle if you need to distance. The water, mountains and ferry views are relaxing to many of us. Let’s just be glad we can still be outdoors. Judy


  1. I was at Brackets in my car eating takeout teriyaki a day or two before the mayor closed it and saw how busy it was. Did my partner and I increase risk of transmission sitting in our car? If there was a family of 5 walking by our car too close together were they taking a risk? I don’t think any official has explained in detail the difference between 5 strangers walking too closely versus a family. Photographs would not clearly explain that either. If a family of 5 lives together 24/7 already does a walk at the beach make any difference? I would say it probably makes more difference if grandparents live at home or if anyone still goes to work everyday or if the gas pump handle or grocery store visit cause exposure to the whole family. Im no expert, I think we could use MORE facts, not necessarily more closures. But im very worried about my 82 year old mother living alone and my sister at Manorcare Nursing home that we are not aloud to visit. Can anyone please explain and demonstrate appropriate social distancing in everyday life situations? That’s where the virus lives, not at the beach. Did you know the library is still open normal hours? Im glad but actually a little nervous to go there and check out any new dvd’s etc.


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