‘Signs from the Edge’: A serial novel from EPIC Group Writers — Chapter 1

As relief from reading Journal of a Plague Year, Station Eleven, and The Plague, the board of the Edmonds-based EPIC Group Writers penned a serial novel for your entertainment. Since each author could only see the immediately preceding chapter, there are numerous plot twists and wild goose chases. Fortunately the “instigator,” Diane Naab, was able to pull the whole novella together after it veered wildly off course from the original story. Enjoy!


Diane Naab

Thomas, Jason, and Sally were hanging out at the local Laundromat on Capitol Hill on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Sally looked at her watch, “Oh. I’m going to be late for my hair appointment. Could one of you put my things in the dryer with yours? I’d re-e-ally appreciate it. Call me later. Thanks.”

Her smile and demeanor managed to undo Thomas a bit; Jason was only slightly amused and continued reading an old James Patterson paperback he found in the window.

Thomas, the older of the two men, spoke up and assured her he would take care of it. Trying to come across as aloof, he merely glanced at her over his reading glasses and returned to his crossword puzzle. His heart raced a little at the thought of her lingerie mingling with his own rather bland socks, sweats, and button-down shirts. His mind strayed as Sally left the Laundromat, thinking he might do a little shopping later. Yes. Maybe Armani. The underwear Beck wore in those old ads in GQ. He sat smiling to himself at the thought when Jason jolted him out of his fantasy.

“Hey. There’s a dryer available if you want it. I’m out of here.”

Thomas scrambled to his feet to attend to Sally’s laundry that had just completed the spin cycle. He carefully removed each item when he realized he was being scrutinized by his overbearing landlady, Mrs. Donovan, who had just walked in with a load of towels. He could only nod in her direction as he held a pink lace-trimmed push-up bra with panties to match.

“Well now. What have we here?”

“Oh, well. You know. Sally. These are hers, of course. I uh…she’s busy and…”

Mrs. Donovan stared at him then sauntered to the washer. “Not my business.” With her back to him her shoulders began to vibrate as she struggled to keep from laughing out loud. She barely said “Whatever,” when she exploded.

“Well, it’s not so funny. I mean…these aren’t mine.”

She gasped for air. “Of course not. Pink isn’t your color. Anyone can see that.”

Thomas walked back to his apartment, deciding not to go shopping after all.

Stay tuned for CHAPTER TWO, on Friday, March 20.


















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