COVID-19 daily report for Edmonds and Snohomish County: April 24, 2020


The Friday, April 24 data from the Snohomish Health District continues the story of mixed progress in the local fight to stem the tide of COVID-19.  As of Friday, 2,467 Snohomish County residents have contracted the virus over the reporting period (upper line, countywide and city line charts).

Encouragingly, the incremental number of new cases added (yellow chart) did decline to 31 — 19 fewer than yesterday. At the same time numbers hospitalized (purple chart) remain relatively low, with 52 county residents currently hospitalized with the virus, down significantly from three weeks ago. Numbers of recovered cases (green chart) continue to inch slowly up, adding only two more since yesterday, a disappointing decline from the larger daily gains of early April.

On the downside, the count of currently active cases (red chart) continues its steep upward trend begun a week ago, with 24 added since yesterday, and 234 added since April 16.

After two consecutive days of no COVID-related deaths, today’s figures (grey chart) report that five more have died in Snohomish County since yesterday as a result of the virus.

Note that according to the health district, weekend numbers won’t be released any longer, so we won’t be able to provide new charts until Monday.

The local numbers for April 24, 2020:

— By Larry Vogel

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4 Replies to “COVID-19 daily report for Edmonds and Snohomish County: April 24, 2020”

  1. Are there any charts that take out the cases from places where social distancing is not possible, such as nursing homes? We can’t get a true picture of how well social distancing is working if those unfortunate numbers are mixed in.


  2. I wonder If the reason the chart is showing a slowing in recovery, is that cases are being caught earlier when an entire facility is tested and the numbers of early and/or asymptomatic cases are being caught.


  3. The problem is also how well are we socially distancing?

    Some grocery stores created lines outside (QFC, Whole Foods) others didn’t (Safeway, Fred Meyers, Winco). Some have oneway lanes others don’t, and the ones that do don’t enforce it, I see people going the wrong way all the time. Winco tries to spread you out at the checkout stands, Fred Meyers does less, Safeway and QFC even less have not actually gone into Whole Foods yet as the main thing I buy there is the salad bar, been skipping those.

    Went by Home Depot yesterday, 50 people in line, groups of 2 and 3 standing together 6 feet away from strangers, wind blowing in everyones face, few wearing a mask. That seemed to not be a protective situation but an infection situation. Two of the four times I’ve been there I stood with the wind blowing in my face. Wife said turn around, we went to Lowes instead, which is not enforcing a line but trying to keep people spread out once they are in the store.

    I don’t go to bars so no impact on me when they open, even if I did because of the close quarters I support them being the last things we open back up. Would be nice if we could get a hair cut once a month. Could see opening up restaurants to half copacity (I go maybe once a month so again not a real impact on me here). The dump is opening back up in May, always thought it was dumb it was closed as people were always fairly spread out and could have easily gone to half copacity further spreadying out. Schools will stay closed until at least September, but the boys and girls clubs and daycare centers stayed open the whole time and became over crowded because of the increased need.


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