Help the Edmonds Historical Museum record the pandemic in Edmonds

Photo courtesy Edmonds Historical Museum

The Edmonds Historical Museum is starting a three-phase initiative in order to capture the experiences of Edmonds and South Snohomish County people during the COVID19 pandemic. This is a critical moment in our history, and the museum is committed to documenting how the virus has, and is, affecting residents in our community, at home and in the workplace.

“We recognize the importance of using our resources to record the stories of COVID19 for the benefit of future generations,” said Katie Kelly, Museum Director. “Museums preserve and share the past, but it is also our responsibility to collect and preserve documents, images and objects today that will tell the story of this pandemic and its effect on our community for future reference. We are living history right now.”

The first phase in this initiative is to record memories. Have you been keeping a diary, journal or a log (or blog) of your day-to-day activities? Or have you kept a collection of your social media posts? If not, this is a great opportunity to record history and help accurately tell the story of what people were doing during this time. We have also created a survey to collect information for the historic record. You can take part in  the survey here

When it is safe to do so, we will push forward with phases two and three.

Photo courtesy Edmonds Historical Museum

Phase two is the collection of physical objects. This includes items related to the COVID19 pandemic such as newspaper articles, photographs, or hand-made items such as artwork, needlepoint, quilts, etc.  We will also be collecting items from local businesses such as posted signs or items made specifically during this pandemic, among other things. Remember: don’t throw anything out! It could be significant to the story of COVID19 for future generations. If you would like to donate an item, please fill out the museum’s artifact donation form here

Phase three is long-term collecting. The Edmonds Historical Museum is interested in the personal stories and thoughts of people who are willing to share their COVID19 stories via oral history or interviews.

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