Inslee extends ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order through May 4

Gov. Jay Inslee

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Thursday he is extending his ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order for another month — through May 4 — to slow the spread of COVID-19.

While social distancing appears to be working, the state has not yet seen the full weight of this pandemic, the governor said.

According to state statistics, the percentage of tests that are positive is still going up. As of April 1, there were 6,585 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Washington state and 262 deaths.

“The only way to return to our way of life and rebuild our economy in WA is to defeat this virus,” Inslee said in a series of tweets announcing the extension. “That is why we must continue to stay home and stay healthy.

Inslee noted that the new oder doesn’t include any additional restrictions. “It is simply an extension of the stay home order we put in place last week,” he tweeted.


9 Replies to “Inslee extends ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order through May 4”

  1. Thank you Governor Inslee! In situation this vast and tis potentially dangerous, we need to be vigilant and careful.

    One question: this is going to impact the supply and delivery of food. Should we be starting to plant “victory gardens”? Anyone know, or can anyone make an informed guess?


    1. You are right — it is the photo on his Twitter account and that is where I found his comments today.


    2. The serious disconnect lies in the justification he started at the press conference and the 2 graphs he showed at the same presence conference. Both graphs are quite compelling in showing a decline in positive cases in Washington State over the past few days.

      That decline is not apparent in the sensational graphs distributed by Snohomish County which show an ongoing tally of the total number of cases.


  2. Wearing a mask reduces a persons ability to “send droplets” for great distances. First line medical folks wear masks to protect both themselves and their patients.

    It would seem logical that those folks working in essential businesses should also be wearing masks to reduce the risk of unknowingly spreading CV.

    Does the Council or the Mayor have any authority to require masks on all workers in an essential service business or at least all those who are near the public?

    It is not comforting to see grocery store workers not practicing social distancing and not wearing masks like many of their customers. It seems hard to get all of council to agree to reduce risks for these workers when they discussed plastic bags, but now maybe they can help protect the public who need to go to these essential businesses. We are in this for a bit longer that we had hoped, lets find ways to maximize everyone’s safety.


    1. Medical authorities say that an ordinary mask is most effective in keeping the wearer from touching his or her face, which is the main way that the virus gets into the body. Our nostrils, mouth and eyes are all moist, welcoming portals for those nasty little guys, and our fingers and hands are highly skilled at transporting them.


  3. True Jim, I have also asked medical folks about masks and they say it helps folks from spreading droplets. We could keep all of us safer if these 2nd responders, essential business workers, wore masks to not only prevent them from touch their face and mouth and potentially transferring CV to surfaces, the wearer would also reduce the limit of there droplets.


  4. Now that the governor has extended the order to May new questions of what is essential pop up. This is the time of the year we are required to test our irrigation systems. It is also the time we need to do pruning of trees to enhance the environment of birds. Lawns are beginning to need mowing and other things that some cannot do on their own. Will we be able to have our landscape maintenance folks do work so long as it is done is a responsible way?

    I do not want to run the risk of injury by trying to do some of these things myself.


    1. My understanding is that yard maintenance is included as an essential business under the governor’s order.


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