City of Edmonds hires new human services program manager

Mindy Woods

The City of Edmonds has hired Edmonds resident Mindy Woods as the city’s first human services program manager.

The new half-time position was proposed by city councilmembers last year and was included in the 2020 budget. The position is designed to support Edmonds residents in need and get them connected to public and private services.

Woods, who was hired after a regional search and started her job May 6, is no stranger to Edmonds. She currently serves on the city’s Diversity Commission and is known for her efforts as a volunteer, go-to connector for many groups and organizations. In addition, Woods sits on numerous human services-related boards and volunteer organizations locally, regionally and nationally.

“Her appointment couldn’t come at a better time,” said Economic Development and Community Services Director Patrick Doherty. “The COVID-19 impacts are disproportionally affecting those who need our help the most. Mindy will have her work cut out for her, but we trust her vast network of connections will serve her well in this position.”

Woods’ first task will be working with local social services agencies to determine which are best suited to implement the recent council-approved $100,000 Housing Relief Program. The funds will go to families earning less than 60 percent of the Snohomish County median income, to be used for assistance with housing, medical, food and other household bills in order to prevent housing instability.

Beyond that first task, Woods’ focus will be to create and manage a sustainable, comprehensive human services program to connect people and households in Edmonds who may need different kinds of services. These include low-income households, seniors, veterans, disabled individuals, domestic violence victims, immigrants and refugees, at-risk youth, and others. In addition, she will be in charge of finding and applying for grants to help those in need.

Woods is a Navy veteran who served during the Persian Gulf War, a housing and homeless advocate, and a single mother with an adult son. She has lived in Edmonds and the local area for 20 years. She has been a care-giver for children with special needs and has worked with a variety of organizations that serve low-income people, including senior citizens, veterans and unsheltered people.

“I have experienced homelessness twice,” she said. “I quickly learned that navigating the system and finding resources was challenging. I want to help solve that problem for other Edmonds residents. I look forward to calling upon my experiences and my connections to help better serve our community.”

Woods can be reached at


13 Replies to “City of Edmonds hires new human services program manager”

  1. I hope she has more decorum during meetings than the time she threw papers of an opposing view on the ground during a public housing meeting at the Edmonds library.


  2. When this position was included in the budget things were a whole lot different. This is now not an appropriate time to be adding a new position. I suspect that the city will soon be looking at reducing staff.


  3. We will need this position more than ever during these unprecedented times, and Mindy is the perfect fit. Thankful to the city for recognizing the importance of having someone on staff to assist and guide people who are experiencing difficulties. Money undoubtedly well spent.


  4. I can’t think of a more important job in this unusually challenging time or a better person to handle it at any time than Mindy Woods. Thanks to the council for funding this position. Thanks, Mindy, for all you do for our community.


  5. Congrats Mindy! You are a perfect hire for this role. Your passion and experiences will be highly valuable for this position that is much needed right now.


  6. Those in our city who are poor, marginalized and disproportionately served have never been more invisible than during a pandemic such as this. Good on the city council for keeping this position on the forefront and good on city leaders for selecting Mindy for the job. Our values are best reflected on what we do for the least of those in our community. Can I get a ‘Amen’ somebody?


  7. I think allocating money for various problems and having nonprofits who are experienced in dealing with these problems make the decisions is a better way to spend city money. Adding personnel seems short sighted.


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