City of Edmonds now offering online development permits

Getting a development permit in Edmonds just got easier through a new portal system that makes applying online faster for a range of permits, including small projects like water heaters and decks, and even for some big projects, such as a new house. Online applications for other permit types will be phased in over the next few weeks.

“This approach will really make remote permitting easier, which is a huge issue during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Development Services Director Shane Hope.

The new system is based on a partnership with, a non-profit regional organization. It allows people to obtain all types of building permits, get tip sheets, schedule inspections, view permit status — and to do it faster than before.

The system also helps permitting departments share best practices, align building standards, and develop information to help residents and contractors.

“We are excited to go live with, even while coping with COVID-19 restrictions.” said Building Official Leif Bjorback. “The benefits to our community will be great.”

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  1. I know that in the last few days other City Councils around the country have voted to close several streets to help shops and restaurants reopen and still observe social distancing guidelines. For example: Atlanta Georgia and Portland Maine. It seems logical to me that this would be a legislative decision made after the public has been allowed to comment. Maybe I am wrong.

    One thing I also want to know is whether or not the City will act consistent with its past conduct and claim it has a duty to keep even an unopened easement area free and clear of any obstructions.


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