Residents asked to share sentiments in survey on returning to local businesses

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The City of Edmonds is asking residents to fill out a survey aimed at helping gauge community sentiment regarding going back to Edmonds shops, restaurants and services when businesses reopen in upcoming weeks.

You can fill out the survey at

8 Replies to “Residents asked to share sentiments in survey on returning to local businesses”

  1. Governments should set safety standards in a general way and let the businesses and the customers determine what the best options are. People must get back to work soon.


  2. I would suggest closing a small portion of Main and 5th (like the car show) every Friday and Saturday night. Allow the businesses to set up outside tables. Allow patrons to wander from business to business.

    It would be a mini Taste of Edmonds every weekend.

    The only cost associated would be putting the barricades up and taking them down and maybe some extra garbage cans.

    Find reasons to do it and allow it instead of throwing out the million “what if” scenarios. You can always find the “what if” to block something. Find the reason to do it.


    1. I think it is a charming idea for this summer but consideration for parking would need to be resolved.


      1. For this plan there is no need for any of those “pesky what if’s reasons”, like parking, insurance, security, sanitation, hygiene, management .etc. Just grab some orange cones and bring some lawn chairs for the middle of the street and call it good.


  3. This survey is designed to gauge what customers will be willing to do in all business establishments in Edmonds. Finding out what customers may be willing to do will help businesses decide with they can open and continue in business in Edmonds.

    If you are a teenager or young parent or a up to 60 year old., you each will have various levels of willingness to resume expanded people engagement. Over 60 or underlying heath issues may have different opinions. This survey is designed to do that. Hopefully the response will be very good and the business community will be able to evaluate what the “opening” requirements are on then those of the potential customers are and then craft a strategy to open or whatever.

    If for example all age groups wanted both customers and business folks masked except when eating. Business may well decide to go beyond the suggested rules. If very few or only 60 yr+ people wanted the mask requirement then a business would look at it’s customer demographics and make their decision. Let’s all take the survey and encourage others to do the same. Lots of data will help our businesses in all part of town may informed decisions.

    About closing off some streets in the heart of town, we do some of that for numerous events already. There is a question that gets at that idea in the survey. Don’t be surprised if the Mayor announces a pilot program on this Town Hall meeting today.


  4. 4:20 pm May 21, Mayor just announced that the city will be announcing a Pilot program to close off some streets!


  5. Would hope the mayor will discuss this with the businesses that will be affected. When streets are closed down even for night activities the city starts to enforce no parking at about noon for those streets affected.


  6. I am simcerely sorry to the citizens of Edmonds in that I and others have not been able to communicate effectively to the decision makers of the City of Edmonds on the short and long term impacts of relying on free and or low cost surveys with less than educated, and or less than professional researchers. These “surveys” or “polls” are not accurate for Edmonds Citizens. They skew the truth and and are limited to the population who answer the questions. Extrapolating that Edmonds Citizens or that the demographics of the respondents who answered represent their groups is a misleading falsehood. It is embarrassing that the City of Edmonds continues to misuse tools. Call a professional research company in Edmonds such as ComEngage.US specializing in government and community organizations. At a minimum a professional research company will be able to respectfully educate Edmonds elected officials and staff on how the continued reliance of these surveys in the way they are conducted and reported are providing misleading information which in turn creates for poor decision making. Would the City use a book keeper to be responsible for its budget, or a college student to direct its city planning, or a plumber for director of utilities? Clearly no one who makes the decisions understands quantitative and qualitative research and why the city officials and staff say we’ll conduct a survey and then we’ll do a study. It is mind boggling. Call a professional researcher or two or three and get briefed. Then decide how useful these survey monkey surveys are, how, if and when to use them, and their limitations. Do not believe you are getting a sample of Edmonds Citizens opinions in the way the surveys are be conducted, “analyzed”, and reported. You are misleading yourselves and the public. In some cases it can be dangerous to rely on such information rather then on science.


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