Deadline Sunday to order your Keep Edmonds Strong T-shirt

We’ve raised $2,500 through sales of the Keep Edmonds Strong T-shirt, aimed at supporting businesses and nonprofits during the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.

The deadline to order for the next printing run is midnight this Sunday, May 24.

My Edmonds News has partnered with Hamilton Printing and Alwayzadvertising to design, print and sell T-shirts for men, women and youth. The cost is $20, with $10 from each shirt purchase donated to the Edmonds business or nonprofit designated by the you — the purchaser. The rest will cover the cost of the shirt, printing, and sales tax

You can purchase your T-shirts at this link. All orders will be available for pickup on Fridays at Hamilton Printing. Buyers will be notified of specific details after purchasing.

Any Edmonds business or nonprofit not currently on the list of beneficiaries can email for details one how to be included.


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  1. I’ve known Leigh for years and she is the best! Trust, support and integrity are her strong suits. You can’t go wrong when you hire Leigh.


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