Downtown Edmonds’ SNAP Fitness announces it’s closing for good

Edmonds’ SNAP Fitness

Citing “an immovable financial toll” caused by the state-mandated closure of gym facilities due to COVID-19, downtown Edmonds’ SNAP Fitness announced Friday that it is permanently shutting down.

The fitness center, located at 505 5th Ave. S., announced the closure in an email newsletter to members.

“It is with our deepest sorrow that we must announce to you, our loyal SNAP members, that we must make the painful decision to officially close our doors for good,” a message in the newsletter stated, “Due to the state’s mandated closure because of COVID-19, we are facing an immovable financial toll that has not allowed us to recover our losses despite our greatest efforts. Over the past month, we did everything in our power to not lose hope and we pressed on with the SNAP staff and Edmonds community in mind. We can take pride in knowing that we stood our ground and fought for as long as we were able, but it’s nonetheless with great dismay that we have reached a point where continuing our operation is no longer a realistic or financially feasible option for us.”

SNAP Fitness opened its doors in February 2008. “We have been a part of the Edmonds community and have watched every member who stepped through our doors evolve into their greatest, (and strongest) selves for 13 solid years,” the message continued. “We are so, so proud of all that you have accomplished here at our club and we are forever grateful for your kindness, generosity, faith and trust in us over the years.”

Even though the facility is shutting down, SNAP Fitness says its machines and workout equipment will be available for purchase. To learn more, email

“Please take this time to support small businesses during these relentless and challenging times, as they are in greatest need of help,” the message concluded. “We sincerely wish you all the greatest of health and we hope to cross paths with you all again in the future, here in downtown Edmonds.”

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  1. Here is yet another business that has been killed by Inslee, and for no reason. How many more is it going to take until we realize we have been duped?


    1. Big businesses have flourished to the detriment of small business. Edmonds will see more empty stores, and who will open a new business now under these conditions? For years I have preached that Edmonds needs to stop pushing for more restaurants, because when the downturn happens many restaurants will certainly close. Many small businesses do not have the finances to hang on for months. There are landloards that have cancelled rents untill June, that certainly has helped. It is now time to shop in Edmonds as stores open, even if you just purchase gift cards at your favorite place. I personally want to thank all the landlords who did so much to help, and now may find their tenants closing the door. Best wishes to all businesses that are going to open.


    2. 100% correct, Insee killed another business. Going to Home Depot is more dangerous then to a clean privet fitness center. Remember next election.


  2. Having been a “Downtown Edmonds” SNAP customer for a few years, I can agree heartily with Mr. Rengstorf. I am sorry to see it close. The statements by others are more problematic. To say Inslee “killed” SNAP is a stretch from the truth for me.
    Some caveats are that I tended to use 5th Ave SNAP regularly at a specific time of day. I have also used SNAP in other cities across the country. Another disclosure is that I talked to many but not all members present when I was in attendance. So I do not claim to be all-knowing about 5th Ave SNAP.
    The clientele at SNAP, myself included, are a sizable number of retirees, perhaps like me using Silver Sneakers/Silver & Fit, a benefit made more available thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Apart from age, a not-insignificant number had underlying health conditions. SNAP encourages cleanliness. There were hand-wipes and signs posted requesting their use. I never saw an employee require a patron who was out of compliance, to do as requested. In truth most of us used our own towel and the facility’s wipes frequently. But there were exceptions.
    All this being said, once the Covid 19 virus arrived in Snohomish County, I believe the governor’s directives regarding gyms made sense. At first the extent of contagion and virility of the virus were unknown. Now we know more. Importantly there are people who can spread the virus without experiencing symptoms, being asymptomatic. I for one would not have attended SNAP even if it would have been open. I have seen some patrons exercising out and about the streets of Edmonds, and they have expressed the same opinion to me.
    Thus, it is entirely within reason to say Covid 19 is the cause of the demise of Edmond’s SNAP. Like human victims of the virus, perhaps SNAP has some underlying conditions that contributed. For humans those might include asthma, diabetes or heart disease. When the virus kills them we don’t say it was the underlying condition that was the cause. Likewise we may believe that Governor Inslee is one of the underlying conditions, as we may claim about an unhelpful Congress, but I feel it is irrational to say they are the cause.


  3. My heart is broken — this gym was my second home — great equipment, great management. Love…… from Nancy Troy


  4. I am just reading all these responses to a gym closing. I have to pause as I am a RN during this COVID virus. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and process what we are dealing with. Thank you Mike Molly for your response.


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