Edmonds Historical Museum still accepting COVID-19 survey responses

Sign of the times: A closed sign at Rick Steves’ travel headquarters in downtown Edmonds,

The Edmonds Historical Museum is still gathering responses to its COVID-19 survey, which will provide information for the historic record. Businesses and individuals can find the survey here: https://bit.ly/2ydLnnx

“Since we began collecting responses last month, over a 100 people have shared stories on how COVID-19 has affected their everyday lives,” said Katie Kelly, Museum Director. “These responses are an important snapshot for future generations to understand how this pandemic altered our community. We want to thank those who have responded, and look forward to more people documenting their own stories for the  Edmonds Historical Museum’s collection.”

This is the beginning of a three-phase initiative to capture the experiences of Edmonds and South Snohomish County people during these unprecedented times. This is a critical moment in history, and the museum is committed to documenting how the virus has, and is, affecting residents in our community, at home and in the workplace.

When it is safe to do so, the museum will focus on phase two and three, collecting documents, images and objects that will tell the story of thepandemic and its effect on thecommunity for future reference.

Remember: Don’t throw anything out. It could be significant to the story of COVID-19 for future generations. If you would like to donate an item, fill out the museum’s artifact donation form here  https://bit.ly/3eiYzs1

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  1. I have a recording of my grandson age 12 (lives on Capitol Hill) reading his own Haiku poem. It really is evocative of locked in children and he reads it so well:

    Walking days on end
    Playing board games forever
    Going slowly mad

    Is there a way for you to have the recording? Do you want it?


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