Rhoda Curtis: Multimedia artist, entrepreneur, Teddy Bear miniaturist

Rhoda Curtis

Rhoda Ann Curtis was born April 8, 1952 to loving parents James and Evelyn Curtis in Seattle WA, where she spent her formative years. The Curtis family moved to Edmonds and Rhoda graduated Edmonds High School, class of 1970. She received a Degree in Education from Western WA University in 1974. Multitalented; Rhoda was a vocalist, composer and lyricist; she performed her own compositions on an album for United Records in 1977. A multimedia artist, entrepreneur (The Reminder Shop in Edmonds), a leading light in the Teddy Bear Revival and one the country’s foremost Teddy Bear miniaturists. She said: “I hate pricing bears! I hate selling them! I wish I could give them all away as presents!” Rhoda gave many gifts but her greatest gift was her magical, loving self.

Sarcoidosis, the illness Rhoda had battled so long and valiantly, finally overtook her and she departed this world, May 13, 2020. She is finally free. Special thanks to the Staff at Providence Mount Saint Vincent for all the loving care you gave our Rhoda.

Rhoda is survived by her dear cousins Roger Curtis, her daily support and anchor during her years in assisted living; and Tom Bowman of New York, who with his wife Marie, visited Rhoda by phone every week. With them, we, Rhoda’s close friends, Teri Hallauer, Colleen Rowe, Jackie Slossen and Janie Comito hold her forever in our hearts and imagine her reunited with family and friends who had gone before; but we wouldn’t be surprised if she occasionally slips off to sing: Across the Universe with John and George.  Forever, dear Rhoda!

~ Sometimes I wonder just who I am ~ where I am going and where I have been ~ The time’s growing shorter and soon it must end… and all I have left to say is “Thank you” My friends.  And so as I leave you so silent and still ~ know that I love you and always I will.  You’re more than I ever prayed God send my way, Know as I leave you now ~ I wish I could stay… forever. ~ Lyrics by Rhoda Ann Curtis


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  1. I still have heart ornaments I bought at Rhoda”s Reminder Shop many many years ago!!! I love them. I loved her store!!! So fun to wander through. I missed her when it closed. Rest in peace Rhoda!! The fight is over!!!


  2. Rhoda Curtis was a dear friend of mine from Edmonds Junior High through college. She was a talented singer. I still have a copy of her Vinyl album from United Records. I will always have fond memories of Rhoda. My sympathies to everyone who who was her friend.

    This year is our 50th High School reunion since our graduation from Edmonds High. Unfortunately that reunion has been postponed due to the Covid -19 pandemic. We will wait to have it after this crisis but it will be missing Rhoda who was voted Most Active in our Senior Year: She was the Echo yearbook business manager and feature writer, a member of the Bel Canto Choir and Mello-aires, President of the Quill and Scroll honorary group, and a member of the Torch Honor Society, International Relations League Vice President and Homecoming Princess.


  3. Rhoda was one of my best friends at Edmonds High School. Rhoda was an accomplished achiever with a beautiful voice as stated by Kristiana Johnson. I recall a lovely visit with her at Western Washington University. Sadly, we lost touch as we went our separate ways in life. May she find peace and love in her next journey. Sending deepest sympathy to her family and friends. May you find comfort in knowing that others are thinking of you at this time of loss…


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