Safe shopping for all at the Edmonds Museum Garden Market

Garden market produce. (File photo by Larry Vogel)

Every day people ask me, “Why should I shop at the Farmer’s Market, when I can just go to grocery store?” It is a reasonable question, which has probably bounced though the minds of most of us.  Well, allow me to take a moment of your time to explain why I believe it is truly safer to purchase your produce and more at the Edmonds Museum Garden or Summer Markets.

To start, let’s look at the produce. When you shop at the market with maybe Frog Song Farm, Collins Family Orchard, Martin Family Orchard, or Alvarez Organics, the produce they are bringing to market is coming straight from their farm. For example, a head of lettuce or bunch of asparagus is picked by the farmer or one of his farm hands, washed and packed, and brought to the market, where a worker for the farm or farmer themselves, selects it and bags it for you. In contrast, a head of lettuce at the grocery store is picked, taken to a packing facility where someone packs it, then it is shipped to the local store, where a worker handles it and displays it, and customers come by and maybe pick it up until you select it and purchase it.

As far as meat producers, it is a similar situation, as the farmers who bring pork, chicken, or lamb to the market ethically raise the animals, monitoring their care and what they eat, which means in short, that you will know what you are eating when you purchase that steak or roast.

Our producers, like La Pasta, Finn River Cidery, Bubba’s Salsa, etc., all hand make their products that they bring to market. They know exactly what is in the product you purchase and will proudly tell you where they sourced the materials used to make their product.

The Garden and Summer Markets provide a venue for you the consumer to get to know where your fruit, veggies, meat, and more all come from. Now, especially, in a time where we are more conscious than ever of what we eat, where it came from, and how it got to us, shopping at our farmers market is more important than ever.

Because of these changing times, we have continued to modify our market with the intention of keeping the shoppers from the community and our vendors safe. This is why we have a designated entrance and exit, limit the number of shoppers in the market at a time, monitor shoppers to maintain social distancing while shopping, and highly recommend that all shoppers join our vendors and wear masks while in the market. We also strongly request that only one family member come to the market when possible. We will be limiting the number of family members entering the market in the coming weeks as the season continues to get busier with additional vendors and shoppers joining us every week.

We look forward to a great Memorial Day weekend market, now with Skagit Gourmet Mushrooms joining us, and all the other wonderful vendors who make our market great.  See you at the market, open Saturday 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

— By Christina Martin, Market Manager

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  1. Thanks, Christina! Is the market just open to high risk customers between 9 and 10:30 and then open to everyone else from 10:30 to 2?


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