Scene in Edmonds: Downtown duck walk

The duck family

Gary Fineout and his wife Michelle Baillet were taking their daily Tuesday on the east side of 3rd Avenue a few blocks north of Main Street when they spotted a family of ducks coming at them on the sidewalk. “We performed the social distancing dance — we went to the left into the street and the ducks went to the right off the sidewalk so we had about 6 feet between us,” Fineout recalls. “We turned to track their progress and it became obvious that momma duck wanted to lead her brood across busy 3rd Avenue. She headed into the traffic and so did we. The approaching cars graciously stopped for the two humans waving their arms and standing in the middle of the lanes. The ducks nonchalantly crossed the street and continued their walk south on the other side of 3rd. Never a dull walk in Edmonds!”

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