Sponsor spotlight: Everything you want to know about Compounding Pharmacy, from A-Z

When it comes to prescriptions and medication, having options and choices for how you “take your medicine” can have a huge impact on the overall experience. While the ability of combining and adjusting medications has been around for a long time, the benefits and capabilities of compounding is unknown to many who are unfamiliar with the subject. In an effort to better educate the world about the many benefits that come from pharmaceutical compounding, we have compiled a helpful rundown of everything you would want to know about it – from A to Z. Whether you are looking to understand this area more or just want to see if this approach is right for you, there is much to learn about the subject. So off we go! 

Adjust your dose

You know your body better than anyone. A big benefit of compounding pharmaceuticals is the ability to precisely control the exact type of dosage you are putting into your body.

Build your ideal solution

A single medication will never fit the exact purpose for everyone who takes it. That is why the ability to adjust and manipulate a medication to fit your needs can make a huge difference to your overall health and convenience.

Consult with your pharmacist (and doctor)

Anytime you (and your doctor) are considering making an alteration to one of your prescriptions/medications, you should always consult with your preferred pharmacist to see if these changes would benefit you.

Design your prescription

The existence of pharmaceutical compounding opens up the ability for you to really customize how you treat yourself. When taking any type of medication, being able to customize how you deliver a treatment can make a huge difference to your health. Of course, you should always do this after consulting with your doctor.

Extract what you need

Pharmaceutical compounding allows you to isolate the exact ingredients you need in a medication so that you can get the exact benefits you want while excluding anything else that you and your doctor and pharmacist feel aren’t necessary to your treatment.

Flavor for your needs

We have all had the experience of needing to take a medication that does not have an appealing taste or comes in a form that makes it difficult to ingest. For these circumstances, the ability to compound medications can make taking essential medications much more pleasant by adjusting the taste and overall palatableness of the end product. Orange or grape flavor? Sure!

Give yourself options

A single medication will never be the best fit for every single person out there. That is why having the ability to change a prescription to fit your desired needs is a great way to improve the way you manage your healthcare.

Healthcare how you want it

Whether you are looking to combine or isolate medication, pharmaceutical compounding allows you to choose exactly how you want to handle your pharmaceutical treatment.

Ingredients you need

Many over-the-counter drugs will contain substances that you might want to avoid if you have certain allergies or conditions. That is why having the ability to exclude these ingredients can make a world of difference to your life when it comes to medications that you need to take for your well-being.

Juxtaposition of your medication

Many of us take multiple medications each day to treat our ailments. Pharmaceutical compounding allows you to combine medications into a single dosage so that you never need to worry about forgetting a certain medication. Again, always consult with your physician before combining medications.


When you control your medication to fit your personal preferences, you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

Licensed pharmacists 

With compounding pharmaceuticals, you are working with fully licensed professionals who are dedicated to providing your medicine in a way that is safe and convenient.

Medicate your way

Compounding pharmaceuticals allows you to personalize how you consume your medication. Whether it’s in pill or liquid form, you have the choice on how you want to ingest your medications.

Numerous options

There are numerous options for how you can consume and combine your medications. When working with your doctor or a pharmacist, you can come to a consensus on what is best for your own unique situation.

Outstanding results

When you have options about what goes into your medication and how you consume it, you can tailor your needs to how you and your doctor or pharmacist see fit for the best results.

Personalized medication

Compounding pharmaceuticals means that you and your pharmacist choose how your medication is prepared and individualized just for you.

Question what’s best for you

If a required medication has any adverse effects on your health or life, consult with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there is anything you can do to improve your situation.

Removing pills

Some people are unable to swallow pills. Compounding pharmaceuticals provides new options for patients to use alternatives (such as flavored liquids or topical applications), which means fewer pills and if they can be combined, fewer separate medications in your daily structure.

Sensible choices

Compounding pharmaceuticals may not make sense for every person’s medication situation, but you might be surprised with your options after consulting with a pharmacist.

Tailored for you

Whether you are changing the exact dosage you need, the flavor or form your medication comes in, or reformulating a drug to fit your needs, compounding pharmaceuticals gives you the ability to tailor your medication to suit you best.

Understanding your needs

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to swallow a pill (or multiple pills). Compounding is a viable alternative for these situations. When you feel that there is an aspect about a medication that you need to adjust, always communicate this with your doctor or pharmacist so that you can work out an exact gameplan.

Variety of medications 

Taking multiple medications can be a hassle. That is why having the ability of combining medications when possible can provide a great benefit to your life and schedule.

Worthwhile choice

Choosing how you take your medication is critical for your well being. Wanting to take control of how and what you are consuming will always be a worthwhile choice.

Xenial relationship with your body

It is wise to have a healthy relationship between your body and what you put into it. Compounding pharmaceuticals allows you to fully take control of this process.

Yield the best results

You’re most likely to get the most out of your healthcare when you feel in control of it. Creating a protocol that includes compounding pharmaceuticals can help with this control as you and your doctor can make adjustments to yield the best results.

Zero regrets

Compounding medications provide alternatives to help you feel completely confident with the potential outcome. Always ask all questions up front so you know exactly how to benefit from this new plan but know that you have a choice in how you receive your medicine.

Did you think we could do it? 

Compounding pharmaceuticals offer numerous benefits for you if you take medication. You can decide on the form, flavor and ingredients – as well as what other medications you take in order to achieve the ideal results for your health. This approach may not be right for everyone, but this option is available if you and your pharmacist decide that this is the best approach for your health and lifestyle.

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