Sponsor spotlight: What are the benefits of a compounding pharmacy for pets?

Pet owners everywhere always want to provide the best care possible for their best friends. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, veterinarians are well aware that pet owners sometimes face unique challenges when it comes to medicating their companions. One such challenge is making sure that the treatments and medications they are giving their pets are as well-suited to their needs as possible. Pharmaceutical compounding is an increasingly popular solution to making sure that pets receive their medication.

Veterinary compounding is the science and practice of preparing personalized medication for patients that happen to be pets. For veterinarians, this approach allows owners to more easily give their pets multiple or specifically formulated medications while taking into account the habits or special needs of the pet in question. Let’s go into some more detail about why this might be the perfect solution for the pet in your life.

Makes Medications More Palatable

Many pet owners oftentimes will struggle to make sure that their pet actually eats and swallows their prescribed medication. Sometimes the taste will make the pet nauseous or they will keep it in their mouth and immediately spit it out (sometimes when you aren’t looking). With pharmaceutical compounding, you can work with your pharmacist & veterinarian to change the form, flavor and even aftertaste of a medication so that your pet can more easily take a medication without having an adverse reaction to it.

Ability to Customize Dosages

Over time, sometimes a patient may not have the same type of response to a medication that they have been using. Other times, the lowest over the counter dosage of a medication may be too much for what your pet needs. With pharmaceutical compounding, you can tailor the exact amount of medication that your pet needs based upon your past observations and experiences with it. This also eliminates any need to split apart pills and attempt to guess how much of an actual dosage you are giving a pet, making the process much more accurate and consistent.

Can Make Important Medications Allergy Friendly

In traditional medications, there are many ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity to a pet, such as lactose, gluten, flavorings or dyes. Removing these additive ingredients would not be normally possible by a pet owner, but with pharmaceutical compounding you are able to eliminate any of these additives so that you don’t have to worry about your pet having an adverse reaction to a medication they need for a condition. 

Combining Medications

A big benefit of pharmaceutical compounding for pet owners who need to give multiple medications to their pet is the ability to combine multiple prescriptions into a single dose. This allows you to never need to worry about missing a medication when administering them to your pet.

Benefits for Owners and Pets Alike

Managing pet medication is an essential part of owning and taking care of a pet. Whether you are treating your pet for an illness or providing them with medications that will improve their overall health and extend their life, it is important to be able to take control of what you are giving them. With the advancements of pharmaceutical compounding, it’s easier than ever now to adjust and control exactly how these medications are delivered to your companion. If pharmaceutical compounding sounds like a solution to your pet’s medical needs, talk to your vet and see what options are available to you – or give us a call here at Axis Pharmacy Northwest!

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