Breaking: Snohomish County approved to move into Phase 2 of reopening plan

Updated to include a list of Edmonds parks and recreation amenities open under Phase 2.

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers announced Friday morning that the county is receiving a variance from the Washington State Health Department to move into Phase 2 of the governor’s COVID-19 reopening plan.

The health department order is effective immediately.

“Snohomish County can now start reopening our businesses and get more people back to work,” Somers said. “During a pandemic, every step forward must be done carefully, and I am thankful for the work each of us throughout our community has done to get us here today.  As we transition into the next phase we must remain vigilant to maintain social distancing and necessary sanitation practices to keep our communities healthy and help our economy recover as quickly as possible.

Somers also thanked Gov. Jay Inslee and Health Secretary John Wiesman for their support in moving Snohomish County to Phase 2.

“It’s vital that each of our businesses and every county resident carefully review and adhere to the guidance for Phase 2. We still have a ways to go, but this is a first, positive step in the right direction.”

Now that the plan has been approved, Snohomish County businesses authorized to open in Phase 2 may do so as long as they are able to meet their industry-specific health and safety guidelines. General questions about how to comply with the agreement practices can be submitted to the state’s Business Response Center at

“Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of many, we are well-positioned for the next phase here in Snohomish County,” said Stephanie Wright, chair of the Board of Health and vice chair of the Snohomish County Council. “We need to proceed carefully as a community to ensure cases remain low so that we can continue on this phased re-opening path.”

The Washington State Department of Health recently launched a risk assessment dashboard. Individuals can see data at the county- and state-level relating to the metrics used to determine readiness to move between phases. The Snohomish Health District will also be reporting out on its progress on a weekly basis moving forward.

“We appreciate the time and thoughtful consideration that Secretary Wiesman and his team put into reviewing our proposal, and are glad to hear that they agree that we have the plans and processes in place to move forward,” said Dr. Chris Spitters, Health Officer for the Snohomish Health District. “We will be closely monitoring the data and metrics to ensure we are able to accommodate the potential increase in cases, and adapt as needed, as we begin to open Snohomish County back up.”

While Phase 2 does re-open some businesses and activities, there are still restrictions in place that residents should be aware of. In Phase 2, general guidelines include:

  • Gatherings with no more than 5 people from outside your household per week. This includes outdoor recreation like camping, hiking or beach trips.
  • High-risk populations – such as people older than 60, those with underlying health conditions, or pregnant women – should continue to stay home aside from essential business and errands.
  • Non-essential travel will be limited to activities that are approved to reopen under Phase 2, and those will come with health and safety guidance to follow. For example, restaurants could reopen at limited on-site capacity, with appropriate social distancing, no more than five customers per table, and no bar-area seating.
  • For people who can continue to work remotely, teleworking is strongly encouraged.

“Our businesses and residents are ready to safely get back to work, and the transition to Phase II will help do just that,” said Snohomish County Council Chair Nate Nehring.  “Our local economy needs this boost, and I’m grateful for the bipartisan effort at the local level to advocate for safe reopening.”

Beginning June 8, all employees will be required to wear a cloth facial covering, except when working alone in an office, vehicle, or at a job site, or when the job has no in-person interaction. Employers must provide cloth facial coverings to employees, unless their exposure dictates a higher level of protection based on safety and health rules and guidance from the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). Refer to L&I’s Coronavirus Facial Covering and Mask Requirements for additional details. Employees may choose to wear their own facial coverings at work, provided it meets the minimum requirements.

Employers must also post signage at their place of business strongly encouraging customers to wear cloth facial coverings. Businesses are encouraged to require customers to wear cloth facial coverings, in order to protect employees from exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

Here’s what reopens in Phase 2 for the county:

  • Outdoor recreation for groups of fewer than five people outside of your household members for camping, beaches, etc.
  • Gathering with no more than five friends/acquaintances one time per week.
  • In-home domestic services (nannies, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Retail in-store purchases – with masks, 6-foot distancing and other restrictions
  • Hair/nail salons/barbers – with health restriction
  • Real estate business
  • Remaining manufacturing, new construction
  • Office-based professional services (teleworking is still strongly encouraged)
  • Limited travel for pleasure
  • Restaurant inside dining, with the following requirements:
    • Less than 50% of capacity
    • Tables 6 feet apart
    • No more than 5 customers per table
    • Servers to wear masks
    • No bar seating

In terms of City of Edmonds parks and recreation facilities, the city has posted its own phased plan, which outlines what’s open, with group sizes in effect. For Phase 2, expect the following:

• Off leash dog park

• Skate park

• Outdoor sports courts to include:

  • Tennis/pickleball courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Petanque
  • Sand volleyball



12 Replies to “Breaking: Snohomish County approved to move into Phase 2 of reopening plan”

  1. Some phase 2 lists I’ve seen have included dog groomers. Can anyone confirm that? Or point me in the direction to find out?


    1. I took my dogs to groomers several weeks ago. They were open when human hair cutting was prohibited.


    1. Gyms can only open for personal training and small group training 5 people or less. Phase 3 in hopefully 3 weeks they will be able to open with restrictions


      1. Went down to Greenlake today, their restrooms are open and they are only at Phase 1.5 would be nice if everyone got on the same page.


    1. Mukilteo has park restrooms open for a few weeks now, so I’m not sure what Edmonds’ problem is. With all the admonitions about washing our hands, it seems logical to open the places we can do that when away from home. Portapotties and a squirt of Purell are not a good substitute.


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