Edmonds Museum Summer Market — growing every week

As June comes to an end, we are thrilled to welcome back so many of our favorite vendors.

Caruso Farm will be making its first appearance this week with plenty of fresh veggies grown on the farm in Snohomish. Vince has been with the market for years, with his booth located across from Collins Family Orchards, right next to Pete’s Perfect Toffee.  Stop by, check out his booth and his beautiful display, and pick up some veggies to enjoy this week.

On 5th Avenue, we will be welcoming a few more artists back to our market family. These artists include Arturo with his beautiful photography, Viv with pottery, Maria with glass art, Jocelyn with precious stone jewelry, Forestlife Dean with unique wood jewelry, and Vassa with jewelry and more.

And finally, we of course are thrilled to announce the return of Bruce with his hotdogs and polish sausages. Bruce has been with the market for more years than he likes to admit and will have his hot dog cart located near Centennial Plaza by the Market Exit. Due to the COVID restrictions set by the Snohomish Health District, we are unable to bring him into the market as eating is not permitted within the market. This is also why we have Snohomish Bakery outside the market, since so many of their customers come to pick up their breakfast and enjoy it before shopping.

Keep in mind when you are shopping this week that this is our last market before our July 4th break.  Yes, that’s right — after this week we will not be back until July 11, when we will welcome back Drummin’ Up Wontons, Gypsy Rows and other market vendors.

So, what’s fresh this week? Well, of course we have raspberries from Hayton Farm. Frog Song Farm will be featuring red, white and blue potatoes as well as English and shelling peas. Wilson Fish will have a wide variety of salmon, halibut and other fresh fish. Flying Tomato will have fresh tomatoes and goat milk soap. Alvarez Organics will of course have fresh garlic, onions, cucumbers, and peanuts. And finally, Collins Family Orchards, Rest A While, and Martin Family Orchards will have cherries and maybe even peaches and apricots.

So, start your lists now, and we will see you in the morning, and don’t forget to pick up some jam, toffee, pie, salsa, wine, and — of course — flowers when you shop. Please remember that we reserve the opening hour of 9-10 a.m. for high-risk shoppers, and now require masks for all at the market throughout the day due to a recent order by the Governor.

— By Christina Martin, Market Manager


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