Edmonds scenic: So long, Wednesday

Wednesday’s sunset, from Matthew Yglesias.

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  1. My granddaughter, Lucy, was offered scholarships to four different universities. Her first choice was the University of San Francisco, but she chose WWU (Western WA University) instead because of so much uncertainty related to the Covid-19 virus. Her graduation, like those of all other 2020 graduates, was bittersweet with a “drive-by” commencement celebration. I’m sure that the schools (Shorewood HS, in her case) did their best to make it fun and memorable for their graduates. Now she is looking forward with great excitement to her freshman year at Western. I am holding great hope for a vaccine that will help protect all of us from this devastating disease, but meanwhile I’m thankful that our governing officials are requiring the continuation of the practices that are known to be effective in limiting the shedding of the virus: face masks, Everyone! And social distancing and (duh) thorough hand washing. I see too many people in Edmonds out in public without masks. Thanks to all who do observe mask wearing out of consideration for others.


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