Free infrared thermometers available to small businesses in Snohomish County

To support the phased reopening of businesses nationwide, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has partnered with Economic Alliance Snohomish County to distribute free infrared thermometers to small businesses.

If your business fits the following eligibility requirements listed below, visit and complete the application to get on the Master Thermometer Distribution List for your county.

Below are the eligibility requirements:

  • Must not have received a thermometer previously from FEMA
  • Have a valid Unified Business Identifier UBI Number
  • Business must have less than 50 employees
  • High degree of person-to-person interaction
  • Business must be in one of the following categories:
    • Construction (working on jobsite)
    • Retail
    • Health care – mental health services
    • Manufacturing
    • Restaurants
    • Agriculture
    • Grocers Convenience stores

What to expect after you have applied online:

  • An email will be sent confirming your application was received and further information regarding the logistics will be sent by June 29th.
  • You will receive an email from Economic Alliance Snohomish County providing the following information:
    • First come – first serve
    • The dedicated day for pick-up
    • Location of pick-up
    • Pick-up times
    • Links to the Washington Guideline and  FEMA article on thermometer distribution


One Reply to “Free infrared thermometers available to small businesses in Snohomish County”

  1. This seems like a great program, and it would be good for not only businesses, but all of our community as well.

    I once asked a question to Mayor Nelson of Edmonds at a virtual town hall about wanting to know more about how the city of Edmonds is proactively engaging with businesses to help them to get the equipment they would need to safely reopen. I wanted to know how the city would help both locate all of the different equipment needed to comply with each phase, and potentially if city had plans to help businesses group buy safety equipment for cost savings as well.

    Since safer barriers would help reduce transmission rates, it would also allow for a safer transit of people throughout downtown and in other places of Edmonds. This would benefit the community by:
    – Having a safer lower infection rate with fewer deaths
    – Helping businesses by being able to buy together in bulk to save on the procurement and installation costs
    – Allow for a longer period of safer economic activity

    The answer I received was basically a brief form of ‘yes, we are doing that.’

    I definitely understand the time constraints in a public meeting, and I appreciate, support, and voted for the Mayor. Overall, I really do think that that the Mayor and all of city hall have been doing a tremendous job during this crisis from all that I know and have read. Still, I think that this issue perhaps deserves more attention. I believe that the more that the city does this on this matter, the more benefit everyone involved would receive. I suggested that the city should either temporarily reassign city staff, and/or hire temporary workers to help track which businesses need which equipment, and how best to get it for them.

    This program highlighted in this article about a free Federal service to distribute IR temperature gauge to businesses as long as they qualify and know about the opportunity, is a perfect example of what I believe the city should be helping to promote to the businesses of Edmonds. Especially since it benefits everyone, and it is free for them. Businesses could use these to quickly check workers, and prevent a long work shutdown as a result of an infection that was caught too late.

    I believe that looking more into what the city is doing on this issue would potentially make a good article. I personally would be very interested to learn more details on all the great work the city has been doing, and perhaps areas that it could do more.


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