‘Odyssey of Peace’ performed by Edmonds karate group honors Black lives

In a special performance melding karate and theater, members of Edmonds-based Carter Karate Institute of Peace came together Saturday morning on the Edmonds Library Plaza to film a performance in honor of Black Lives Matter.

“Martial arts, and karate in particular, are all about peace, calm and control – unless of course you need to protect yourself,” explained Jeanne Misha Martinez Carter, who has been practicing karate for 44 years and heads up the school located at 9792 Edmonds Way. “We wanted to use our art as a tool to recognize and honor the Black Lives Matter movement, and in particular those who have fallen victim and are no longer with us.”

The performers worked their choreographed routines among a series of empty black frames and a lone figure dressed in black signifying and recognizing those who have been lost.

The performance was captured on video, and according to Carter will be available in a few days on the Carter Karate Institute of Peace YouTube channel.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel


3 Replies to “‘Odyssey of Peace’ performed by Edmonds karate group honors Black lives”

  1. This is beautiful, Misha! As one of few African-American entrepreneurs and black business owners in Edmonds, an excellent way to show Black Lives Matters values in action is supporting you and all you do here. So where do I sign up for lessons while sheltering-in-place?


  2. Can’t wait to see the video – thank you, Misha, for your thoughtfulness and willingness to share with the community.


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