Reader view: A call for unity

Will Chen

As an Asian American and longtime resident, I am calling for unity in our beloved community, Edmonds.

Recently the discussion of whether Asian-owned businesses should be favored over white-owned businesses in receiving the limited CARES funding has surfaced divisions among our community. As an Asian American and small business owner, I personally don’t think it is fair for my business to get more than my share. Many businesses are hurting financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is, COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate based on the color of the business owner’s skin. It makes sense that the CARES money be distributed without the consideration of business owners’ skin color. 

This is a very special time in our nation’s history. We are experiencing two pandemics at the same time, one new and the other has been around for a very long time. COVID-19 and racism are both public health crises, and both require every one of us working together to eradicate. Fomenting divisions and not offering solutions will only slow down the process of overcoming these diseases. 

As an Asian American, I love our country and our community as much as any other American. First generation or 8th generation, all of us must be united in fighting COVID-19 and racism. We are all in this together! 

— By Will Chen


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  1. Thank you for such a clear and positive opinion. Unity is needed, not divisiveness, and I firmly believe that each one of us can make a difference.


  2. Will – thank you for your insight. I agree!

    If anyone is on Twitter, I did share Will speaking in Mandarin and Cantonese about wearing a mask and supporting our local businesses as we are all in this together!


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