Scene in Edmonds: Peaceful demonstration at Westgate

About 100 demonstrators gathered at the corner of Edmonds Way and 100th Avenue West Tuesday to peacefully protest the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis last week. The demonstrations will be held each day this week at noon in the same location. (Photos by Janine Harles)

  1. What happened to social distancing.??? Were are still in phase 1 of the covid -19 order,, but if a business opens the city will turn them into the state and fine them. What Hippocrates these people are. The mayor should shut this down now or let all the Edmonds business people open their stores, restaurants and salons, or is the mayor and city council in the crowed? I bet if we had a 2nd amendments rally there we would be shut down and socially chastised!!!

    Fred Gouge

      1. Short and to the point. Good intentions are bringing attention to our community. At this time the threat of outsiders coming to take advantage to cause destruction is not what we need. Teach your children at home. At this time please do not put our community at risk.

    1. If you looked closely at the photos, you would have noticed that we were wearing masks. If not, those people were social distant and we were outdoors.
      We were following the guidelines much better than most people shopping at QFC.

      1. Thank you Donna Murphy, and all peaceful protestors! And as a QFC employee she is so right!

      2. Thank you Donna. QFC is doing terrible job compared to many other stores. I don’t see much evidence of cleaning and have stopped going there. Keep up the good work at Westgate. Edmonds is not immune to everything going on but some people would certainly like it to be!

      3. This is all so amusing to me. I was in downtown Edmonds at the corner of Dayton and 4th. Three woman well dressed and in the 60’s early age group I would guess all sitting on the bench outside Chase Bank 5 inches apart with out a mask. They were clearly not living in the same household. I see people all over Edmonds WA with no masks and they are right about QFC too. My husband goes weekly and he says there is no social distancing really and most don’t have mask. But the employees do. I go down the street in my car btw and see by the coffee shop across from Chase bank … Walnut? People and kids no distancing speaking with others no distancing no masks also clearly not together and not from same house hold. This was in a 15 minute period. Up dayton to the East…3 more ladies in their 50s clearly again not in same family standing on side walk chatting not even a slight attempt at distancing and again no masks. SO I also took pictures of them all in case you have any doubts. This town…tsk tsk.

        1. So thankful you took pictures. The kind of pictures that certainly will be helpful to the Gestapo. Oh sorry, for my dementia. I thought it was 1942.

    2. Are your guns being taken away like peoples lives? So then there’s no need for a 2nd amendment rally.

      1. Eric you are aware that the Mayor of Edmonds put a gun measure in his original Covid emergency order, right? At the moment in our state there are few counties where someone can get a concealed weapons permit, Covid being the stated reason. If you own a pistol and today someone starts stalking and threatening your life, you could have gotten a permit to allow bringing this pistol when you leave the house, now you can’t. How is the government saying you can’t have access to your gun when you are the most likely to need it not taking it away?

      1. Agreed with Fred Gouge why are we locked down and protesters turned rioters pandered to and then we have to kneel down and apologize for being who we are. Anyone in charge?

  2. I agree Fred. what Covid? Law abiding citizens have to have face masks, 6 ft apart but black lives matter can set up day after day, then the looting.. and no rules apply. George Floyd’s death was tragic but this constant protesting is ridiculous and it doesn’t honor the man or his family that have requested it to stop.

    1. Again, see above.
      Rather than jumping to a conclusion, look closely at the pictures.
      Most of us are wearing masks, while outside. The percentage is greater than the mask wearing shoppers at QFC.
      It’s easier to talk about Covid than it is to talk about racism and police brutality, isn’t it?

  3. My boyfriend and I were there. We both had face coverings on and stayed 6 feet away from others. Demonstrators of all ages came out to show their support. Drivers showed their support by waving and honking their horns at us.

    1. Standing on corner with signs makes you feel good but does NOTHING. Go to the various police unions and argue for better safety rules by officers when arresting a citizen.

  4. Thank you Donna and all your supporters. Everyone has the right to protest about things they feel strongly about even if you live in Edmonds. Regarding QFC Westgate I have stopped shopping there as I see no evidence of cleaning that most other stores have. They are not doing a good job.

    1. It seems to me that if the Governor or the Mayor agree with your point of view all guidelines are thrown out the window. But heaven forbid if you are a businessman that employs people or is trying to earn a living which pay the taxes to help keep the city and state solvent you have no rights. Their rules are unfair, unjust and completely arbitrary.

    2. We go to QFC Westgate every Saturday morning and each time we have witnessed them cleaning.

  5. I think it was terrible to have a police officer murdered. But I equally think the protesting just makes me curious on how this will help Minneapolis police? These police officers can’t get a fair trial anywhere now. Guilty or not. Covid. That has become a joke. Law abiding people have to go by the laws but not protestors, looters, Antifa….they don’t have any laws. I am not happy with our mayor either. I wouldn’t have voted for him if I would have thought he would do this to Edmonds. Don’t even get me going on we are in phase 1.5..what??? Let the businesses open before they can’t.

  6. I forgot about QFC. I went there once I thought it was dirty and so confusing. People were going up the wrong aisle ( I did too) very crowded. I thought it was very dirty. Fact I didn’t go back. That used to be such a great store. (Before QFC). I felt much safer at Costco in the respect it’s clean, not crowded, easy to get in and out and the grocery carts are very clean and disinfected.

  7. Joy – I was at QFC this afternoon and watched an employee wiping down used carts. I didn’t see anyone going the wrong way in any aisles. Not sure what you found confusing about the store. The aisles have signs above them saying what’s in each aisle. My cashier wasn’t wearing a mask but was wearing gloves. The bagger was wearing a mask and I believe also had on gloves.

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