Due to COVID-19, two ferry routes to remain on one-boat weekend service until further notice

Edmonds- Kingston ferry file photo by LeRoy VanHee.

Because of a continued shortage of available crew during the COVID-19 pandemic, service on the Mukilteo/Clinton and Edmonds/Kingston ferry routes will remain on one-boat weekend service until further notice, Washington State Ferries says.

Those looking to travel on either route should plan ahead by checking Mukilteo/Clinton schedule  and Edmonds/Kingston schedule and be prepared for long waits if driving onto a state ferry on the weekends. The No. 1 boat will be the only boat in service. Customers should consider traveling during non-peak times in the early mornings and later in the evening, and limiting non-essential travel.

Those who do sail during this time are strongly encouraged to remain in their vehicles for the duration of their trip, while those in the cabin should practice safe physical distancing, wash your hands and avoid traveling if you feel ill. Please be reminded that face coverings are required in all public spaces in the state of Washington.

You can view all travel alerts at the WSF Travel Bulletins page.

6 Replies to “Due to COVID-19, two ferry routes to remain on one-boat weekend service until further notice”

  1. Maybe they could limit service on Monday and Tuesday so weekend travelers would be able to use their weekends more efficiently instead of waiting in line for hours. Unbelievable.


    1. That would because people should only travel for essential reasons. Monday thru Friday is typical work week. Hoping that the island isn’t getting bombarded with tourists from other county’s that aren’t in phase 3 since they only have one small hospital. Those that do work on weekends have to wait 3hours to get home because of the lines.


  2. Joan,
    I share your confusion about this. Why in the world cut ferry capacity by half on summer weekends? This was never explained in the article. I’d hope MEN would ask WSDOT for a comment about it.


    1. This is about the 4th or 5th article about it. Normally they hire more staff for all the ferries. This didnt happen this year because of the virus and not being able to find those that qualified. Monday thru Friday is normal working days. Cutting short on the weekends allows those that are working a time to have off along with the fact that tourists shouldn’t be flooding the island since the stay home is still in order. Numbers on the island is low but have one small hospital that could not handle a break out. Too many from other county’s coming that aren’t in phase 3.


    2. Here’s what the ferry spokesperson said in response to this question:
      “There are several factors in play, but basically crew schedules and crew availability are the primary reason for reduced service. Demand is still down about 50-percent of normal across the system and most counties remain under essential travel orders. We have endeavored to protect weekday service so that frontline employees can get to work. Incidentally, the pain is spread throughout the system including our busiest route—Seattle/Bainbridge which has been on one boat service even on weekdays for months now. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. We hope to begin to restore service where we can ASAP. While the reductions in service remain in-place for now, the goal is to begin to restore where we have the demand, vessels, people and funding to do so in the coming weeks. Finally, it’s worth noting that this is not a normal year and just like any other transportation service, people shouldn’t expect a normal schedule.”


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