Edmonds Police Blotter: June 30-July 13

PoliceJune 30

21900 block Highway 99: Report of possible DUI results in arrest of driver.

400 block 2nd Avenue North: An unrestrained dog attacked a female walking down the street.

8100 block 236th Street Southwest: Theft from vehicle reported.

17900 block 76th Avenue West: Vehicle prowl reported with nothing stolen.

500 block Dayton Street: A delivered postal package was discovered opened and a prescription missing.

8000 block Olympic View Drive: A vehicle window was damaged in an attempted theft.

500 block 5th Avenue South: Business management requested that a problematic customer be removed.

16000 block 73rd Place West: A resident was alerted by bank of attempted unauthorized transfers.

21400 block 92nd Avenue West: Police received a report of a fraudulent unemployment claim.

22800 block 100th Avenue West: An unsecured bicycle was stolen from outside a business.

21900 block 76th Avenue West: A bicycle was reported stolen from a bike rack outside a business.

July 1

7800 block 199th Street Southwest: Victim’s unlocked vehicles were prowled overnight.

23300 block Highway 99: A man reported that another man was prowling his rental truck. The suspect left but was later located and arrested for vehicle prowling.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: A citizen reported adult daughter missing; last contact was at an area hospital several weeks prior.

10000 block 242nd Place Southwest: A woman reported a physical assault by her husband that occurred in 2019.

22500 block Highway 99: A woman was removed following a disturbance at a store.

23800 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for DUI/hit and run after fleeing from three separate collisions between Shoreline and Edmonds.

7500 block 212th Street Southwest: A manager reported receiving a suspicious telephone call from somebody claiming to be with the police department wanting to do an “audit” of their safe.

100 block 2nd Avenue North: A transient man sleeping inside a business was arrested for trespassing.

50 block Railroad Avenue North: Police responded to a third-party report of an ongoing disturbance in a parked vehicle involving two adult sisters; assault charges were referred to the prosecutor.

July 2

24200 block Highway 99: A man and woman were arguing in public. The parties were separated and given resource pamphlets.

9100 block Puget Drive: Campaign signs were reported stolen.

22500 block Highway 99: Police responded to a shoplifting report but the suspect was gone prior to their arrival.

700 block Edmonds Street: Victim reports identity was stolen and a bank account opened.

22900 block 76th Avenue West: A man’s credit card was stolen from his mailbox and later used at a local businesses..

23200 block Highway 99: A boyfriend and girfriend got into an argument; no assault reported.

21100 block Highway 99: Unknown adult males assaulted the occupants and damaged the vehicle of another vehicle during a road rage incident.

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A woman assaulted a store clerk by throwing bowl of hot noodles on the clerk following an argument. The suspect was located and charged with assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

21000 block 74th Avenue West: A parent reported her juvenile daughter missing and possibly with an adult. Both subjects were found in Lynnwood and the daughter was returned back to the parent.

July 3

7300 block 225th Street Southwest: A citizen reported a suspicious vehicle and a subject possibly living out of it. The license plate associated with the vehicle did not belong to it and was surrendered for destruction.

22000 block Highway 99: A discarded cash register was determined to be from a recent unreported business burglary.

9500 block Bowdoin Way: Victim reported a bag with camera equipment was stolen after it was left unattended for a short period at Yost Park.

200 block Main Street: Bank reported an unknown subject cashed a fraudulent check.

23800 block Highway 99: A man told police that an acquaintance owes him money, but every time he tries to get the money back  he is met with threats.

700 block Alder Street: Police received a report of a fraudulent unemployment claim.

23900 block Highway 99: A man alleged that one of his vehicles was stolen by an acquaintance helping him move the vehicle but has failed to provide a written statement detailing the incident.

23000 block Highway 99: Burglary of a rental storage unit was reported.

22600 block Highway 99:  Contact with possible warrant suspect resulted in suspect’s arrest. Additional narcotics charges were filed based upon items found in subject’s possession.

300 block Main Street: A man was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend after a verbal altercation in a vehicle.

215th Place Southwest/80th Avenue West: A citizen report of a driver smoking possible narcotics while driving resulted in arrest of driver for DUI and narcotics violations.

July 4

7800 block 212th Street Southwest: Police observed two males actively fighting. The two were determined to be brothers who live together. One was determined as the primary aggressor and was arrested for assault.

200 block 6th Avenue North: A man reported that an unknown female entered his vehicle while he was driving it, demanded money and refused to exit. The victim drove to the police department where he was assaulted and robbed by an associated male who was following in a separate vehicle.

8200 block 202nd Place Southwest: A resident said that a neighbor’s at-large dog bit another dog.

8500 block 244th Street Southwest: A rear vehicle license plate was reported stolen.

200 block Railroad Avenue: Police responding to a construction site alarm arrested a man for trespassing.

9600 block 241st Place Southwest: Police received a third-party report of an Edmonds resident in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

8100 block 242nd Street Southwest:  Police arrested a man suspected of assault his girlfriend.

23200 block Highway 99:  A verbal argument occurred between an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend.

July 5

23200 block Highway 99: A couple argued at an apartment complex.

1100 block Sea Vista Place: A man was located and arrested for hit and run and DUI after fleeing the scene of a collision on foot.

23000 block 100t Avenue West: A group of what appeared to be juvenile males stole alcohol from a store and fled in a vehicle.

22800 block 100th Avenue West: Police responded to a report of a vehicle theft in progress. The vehicle was located and determined not to be stolen.

21000 block 74th Avenue West: A habitual juvenile runaway was reported missing again.

July 6

8100 block 238th Street Southwest: A man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and possession of drug paraphernalia following contact with a suspicious group behind a business.

7300 block 215th Street Southwest: Police arrested a suspect in a DUI and hit-and-run collision.

20200 block 84th Avenue West:  A woman reported she was sexually assaulted seven years ago.

23600 block Highway 99: Theft of numerous containers of laundry detergent from a supermarket was reported.

7800 block 240th Street Southwest: Victim said that two unlocked vehicle were prowled sometime overnight.

9200 block 224th Street Southwest: Victim reported damage to vehicle hood from possible fireworks.

9300 block 244th Street Southwest: A citizen reported a potentially threatening social media post by an acquaintance involving another person not known to them. The posting is no longer visible and attempts to contact the potential recipient were unsuccessful.

23900 block 74th Avenue West: Unlocked vehicles were prowled in a driveway.

22500 block 76th Avenue West: A subject discovered apparently passed out in a rented storage locker was removed at the request of a business.

23000 block Edmonds Way: A resident reported his cell phone, keys and vehicle were stolen; possibly by a woman he had just met.

21900 block Highway 99: Two juveniles were detained by store security for theft of alcohol and consumables.

22700 block 96th Avenue West: Residents reported odd and harassing behavior by a neighbor.

July 7

600 block 5th Avenue South: Police arrest a man for DUI after receiving a report of him asleep in driver’s seat of a running vehicle.

300 block Admiral Way: A transient subject reported an assault by an unknown group and damage to cell phone.

22200 block 76th Avenue West:  A vehicle was prowled and items taken.

19300 block 83rd Place West: Filing of fraudulent unemployment claim reported.

23600 block Highway 99: A vehicle window was discovered broken by owner while parked behind a business.

22900 block  76th Avenue West: Police received a complaint of repeated mail theft, with unknown items stolen.

23400 block 92nd Avenue West: A fraudulent unemployment claim was filed.

7800 block 196th Street Southwest: A concerned citizen reported that a man answered the door with a holstered open-carry handgun.

7200 block 213th Place Southwest:  A vehicle’s rear passenger window was broken and vehicle was prowled. Nothing was believed to be taken.

8500 block 200th Street Southwest: Property found in a local park was turned into police for safekeeping.

8600 block 238th Street Southwest: A report of a suspicious female was captured on surveillance walking through a private area of a condominium complex.

23600 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a business after causing a disturbance.

21000 block of 74th Avenue West: A habitual juvenile runaway was reported missing once more.

7500 block 212th Street Southwest: An attempted traffic stop with a possible felony warrant suspect resulted in a vehicle pursuit. The suspect driver crashed the vehicle and fled on foot. Criminal charges arepending.

23900 block Highway 99: A man causing a disturbance was removed from a business.

July 8

7900 block 236th Street Southwest: Police received a report of a possible prowler in a resident’s carport. The subject was gone prior to police arriving.

23500 block Edmonds Way: A verbal argument occurred between boyfriend and girlfriend.

21900 block Highway 99: A shoplifting complaint led to an arrest for theft.

22100 block Highway 99: A shoplifting suspect fled prior to police arrival.

22200 block Highway 99: Investigation of a suspicious circumstance at a motel resulted in arrest of male for a court order violation.

800 block Caspers Street: An officer assisted two juveniles in getting home.

23800 block 84th Avenue West: A woman argued with her ex-boyfriend over a car key.

July 9

16100 block 75th Place West: A parking violation led to minor in possession of alcohol charges for two occupants.

18400 block 76th Avenue West: A business vehicle was broken into and items stolen.

7600 block 191st Street Southwest: A vehicle was reported stolen from a residence sometime overnight.

7600 block 220th Street Southwest: Three vehicles at a residence were prowled but no property was taken. Vehicles were likely left unlocked.

8000 block 218th Street Southwest: An unknown subject broke into multiple mailboxes.

22500 block 72nd Place West: Unknown suspect broke into a vehicle and stole several small items.

7400 block 241st Street Southwest: Subject reported vehicle registration and coins missing after a prowl.

7200 block 224th Street Southwest: A resident reported an unlocked vehicle was prowled overnight and miscellaneous items were stolen.

8000 block Olympic View Drive: A resident discovered vehicle was prowled after visiting a park.

800 block Dayton Street: A package with delivery confirmation was reported stolen from a mail box.

July 10

1000 block Main Street: Suspicious circumstances led to a narcotics investigation.

800 block Walnut Street: A vehicle reported stolen in Lynnwood was recovered unoccupied on an Edmonds city street.

1400 block 8th Avenue North: A resident discovered the garage door open, items stolen from inside the garage and the vehicle stolen from the driveway.

700 block 14th Way Southwest: A vehicle was prowled sometime overnight and vehicle paperwork was stolen.

300 block Caspers Street: A transient male was contacted for trespassing in a resident’s yard.

700 block Birch Street: Police responded to a dispute over child custody exchanges.

400 block Admiral Way: Found jewelry was turned in by a citizen.

700 block 15th Street Southwest: A toolbox was stolen from the bed of a truck sometime overnight.

23600 block Highway 99: Business investigators reported repeated retail theft incidents involving two unknown suspects.

21900 block Highway 99: Police responded to a report of two parties arguing over a parking spot.

22500 block Highway 99: A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle while it was parked outside the victim’s place of employment

21900 block Highway 99: A narcotics complaint involving a subject parked in a business parking lot resulted in the arrest of the occupant for narcotics offenses.

400 block 3rd Avenue South: A boat motor and other property was stolen from a carport.

900 block Mountain Lane:  Police responded to a disturbance between a father and son. Charges were referred for vehicle damage caused by the son.

22800 block 76th Avenue West: Police were asked to check the welfare of a child allegedly living in poor conditions.

July 11

21600 block 76th Avenue West: Hospital staff advised police of a child who may be a risk. The case was referred to Child Protective Services.

7800 block 218th Street Southwest: Report of a man prowling vehicles in a parking lot resulted in arrest of a suspect for vehicle prowling and other offenses based upon property in his possession.

21600 block 80th Avenue West: A firework was thrown at a window, causing damage.

600 block 6th Avenue North: A bicycle that was reported stolen was later recovered after a report of abandoned property.

200 block Admiral Way: A man reported his wallet missing and said he believes it was stolen via a pick-pocket while at the fishing pier.

19200 block 80th Avenue West: A neighboring police department apprehended a juvenile with stolen mail from Edmonds.

10100 block Edmonds Way: Police responded to a complaint of a woman using narcotics in front of a business. She was arrested for a felony warrant after fleeing officers on foot.

23600 block Highway 99: A wallet was reported lost at a business. Multiple unauthorized transactions were discovered on the victim’s credit card.

July 12

400 block Admiral Way: A report of a man heard yelling for help led to a police rescue of a subject who had fallen down hill and was trapped. See related story here.

7600 block 194th Street Southwest: A resident returned home to find house was burglarized.

23600 block Highway 99: A subject found a glasses case containing three syringes and a folding knife, and turned them into police for disposal.

200 block Admiral Way: A purse was reported stolen from an area of the fishing pier.

7000 block 210th Street Southwest: A husband and wife argued about the husband’s cell phone.

24000 block Firdale Avenue: A collision investigation resulted in the arrest of a driver for DUI.

July 13

21000 block 74th Avenue West: A report of a family disturbance led to arrest of involved party for a warrant and drug paraphernalia discovered on his person.

22000 block Highway 99: A bag containing credit cards and personal paperwork was reported stolen from motorcycle handlebars while at a business.

600 block Edmonds Way:  A business discovered someone cut off and stole the catalytic converter from a company van sometime over the weekend.

800 block Caspers Street: A found bicycle at a church was later determined to be stolen from nearby.

220th Street Southwest/Highway 99: A hit-and-run collision was reported. The driver of the fleeing vehicle was contacted and citations issued.

22200 block Highway 99: A man flagged down officers to report a verbal altercation with his girlfriend.

7000 block 177th Street Southwest: Items were reported missing from a residence. The victim suspects a former roommate.

22200 block Highway 99: A subject was stopped for possession of a stolen vehicle. He was arrested for possessing a controlled substance.

17800 block 76th Avenue West: A victim’s vehicle was prowled while visiting a park. A wallet was among items stolen with fraudulent credit card charges reported.

  1. Regarding June 30th “400 block 2nd Avenue North: An unrestrained dog attacked a female walking down the street”– does anyone have a description of the dog in question, and were the owners identified?

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