Reminder from South County Fire: Celebrate safely on July 4

South County Fire encourages residents to celebrate safely and legally this Fourth of July. The holiday is typically the busiest day of the year for 911 calls to South County Fire. Extra staff will be on duty and South County Fire headquarters will serve as a base for a multi-agency Fire Operations Center to coordinate a unified response across jurisdictional boundaries on July 4.

Respect city fireworks bans

Fireworks are banned in all cities served by the regional fire authority: Brier, Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

Unincorporated communities:  Fireworks on July 4 only

Fireworks use is allowed only on July 4, 9 a.m. to midnight. Legal fireworks are licensed by the state and sold at county-permitted stands. Fireworks are not allowed in parks or on school property. To celebrate safely:

  • Do not use illegal fireworks including firecrackers, skyrockets, bottle rockets, M-80s and explosive devices.
  • Keep fireworks away from children. Don’t let children play with or ignite fireworks and make sure they stay a safe distance from lit fireworks.
  • Sparklers are dangerous for young children. Sparklers burn at more than 1200 degrees. Give children glowsticks instead.
  • Keep water close. Have a garden hose and bucket of water nearby. Soak spent and unused fireworks for several hours before discarding.
  • Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks

Fireworks complaints

  • Call the non-emergency line, 425-407-3999 for noise complaints and illegal fireworks use when there is no fire, no injury and no immediate threat. When calling the non-emergency line, expect to be placed in a queue until a dispatcher is available to answer your call. Dispatchers handle both non-emergency calls and 911 calls, which are their highest priority.
  • Call 911 for emergencies when there is an immediate threat to life or property, including a fire or injuries.

Window signs for veterans, pet owners and city bans

Window signs for city firework bans, veterans and pet owners are available to download and print at South County Fire’s website:

South County Fire provides fire and emergency medical services with 14 neighborhood fire stations serving more than 250,000 residents of Brier, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and unincorporated South Snohomish County.

3 Replies to “Reminder from South County Fire: Celebrate safely on July 4”

  1. Why bother having a “LAW” about fireworks; no one follows it and when called the police don’t respond because it is low priority.


  2. Very few laws are intended to be 100% (or even 95%), they are simply to push percentages. How many people without the law would light off fireworks? How many less after the law, even without much enforcement? That difference is the benefit of the law that the lawmakers were mostly going after when they wrote the law.


  3. Our dog suffers with the fireworks and then a woman I met on a walk last summer told me how her Vietnam veteran husband suffered every forth with the blasts – I believe we should change to noisefree fireworks. We celebrate freedom but most of us haven’t fought for freedom!


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