Scene in Edmonds: New retail building on Highway 99

The new retail building on Highway 99 and 220th Street Southwest in Edmonds is now fully leased. Behar Commercial Real Estate announced the following tenants are now in the building: Woods Coffee, ZOOMcare, and Ezell’s Famous Chicken. (Photo courtesy Behar Company)

5 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: New retail building on Highway 99”

  1. My wife and I visit Woods each and every morning. This project is one in a continuing series of
    improvements on Hwy. 99


  2. YEAH! (Your Edmonds Autonomous Haven) UPDATE: If leadership initiates deployment in the future, this site with immediate access to espresso and fried chicken will be considered as a secondary option for our command hub. The quainter, closer-to-the-water village square roundabout, with fresher air and immediate access to espresso and Mexican food will likely remain the primary.
    Of course ultimately our course of action will be in response to the statements and actions of the reactionary, grasping-the-past-like-grim-death segment of the Edmonds populace. Thank you.


    1. Even if you are just joking. I do not find threats of violence like that very funny.

      For anyone concerned with the violent affects of CHOP in Seattle, this article has a detailed analysis of one of the many shooting that occurred in the zone as a result of the actions of the protesters there.

      Any attempt to make light of the rape, damage, violence, and killings that occurred there is not in good taste in my opinion.

      Unfortunately, this issue is a complete sidetrack. I am happy to see the complex there completed, and was eager to see what it would turn into. I love the architecture, and will drop by a visit the businesses there soon. Ezells Famous Chicken looks delicious, although I wish that they had a grilled or lightly breaded healthier option that I could partake in.


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