Edmonds School District partners with four child care providers for 2020-21 school year

To provide support to families across the district, the Edmonds School District has partnered with four child care providers across the district for the 2020-21 school year.

The district has selected the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club and Kids Krew as well as the district’s contracted child care provider, Right At School, to provide child care services during the year.

Registration for YMCA, Boys and Girl Clubs and Kids Krew will open Monday, Aug. 17. Boys and Girls Club will launch their registration process at a later date.

The district is not able to cover the costs for these services. However, staff worked closely with each provider to provide “fair and equal” pricing, the district says. Child care staff will also be available to assist students with assignments while learning remotely.

Families can register their student(s) on the provider’s website, which can be accessed by clicking a link below:

Chase Lake Elementary – YMCA

Cedar Valley Community School – Right At School
Martha Lake Elementary – Boys and Girls Club

Mountlake Terrace
Terrace Park Elementary – Kids Krew (Mountlake Terrace Parks and Recreation)

District leaders will also host virtual childcare community forums to learn more about the programs.

  1. District leadership provides update and information on child care
    6-7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 19
    The forum can be accessed at the time and date here
  2. Childcare providers share details about their programs
    6-7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 31
    The forum can be accessed at the time and date here
    1. Posting this on behalf of Darrol Haug, who is having some difficulties getting the comment to show up. — Teresa

      Tom S. This link answers your question for where you may provide child care. Tom you should follow up on this link to get your kids registered.

      AA, likely to be up to the parents to decide what they want to do for child care and other forms of remote learning.
      1. One parent stays home or do what they are doing today when they need child care
      2. Work with other parents and create their own child care/pod school.
      3. Use the process ESD has in place for “home schooling” This is a really great program!
      This is my personal favorite.
      Help some high school kids set up a new business. This would be city specific, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Brier, MLT and Unincorporated Snohomish County. By doing city specific they can apply for various grants offered by the cities and county.

      The HS kids must do their remote learning so they could add elements of remote learning for not only PS kids but all grades. “Kids helping Kids!”

      Word count prevents me from adding too much more but the primary message I am trying to suggest is simply this: We adults with or without kids should act like it and stop just raising all the issues and put our heart and soul, and maybe a few start up dollars into solution’s not just sit around and type complaint comments! In Edmonds, this fits with one of the key items of the Strategic Action Plan.

      Complain if you want or be part of the answer. These are our kids; we pay for their education already let’s just figure out how to do it best based on the current real world. We as “adults” can be part of the solution or part of the problem. Our choice.

  1. How is it safe for kids and adults to be together inside at these 4 day cares in the same buildings that are unsafe to have regular in person classes?

  2. Darrol – still makes no sense to have these kids together in a childcare setting but not in a school setting – kids need to be back in face to face school especially elementary age. Teachers can easily social distant the kids and take the precautions the virus doesn’t know if the kids are “in school” or in “child care”

  3. Darrol, the question is how are daycare workers in the same building less likely to get sick than teachers? Why is it that Chase Lake Elementary can’t fully open but YMCA can safely opperate at Chase Lake Elementary?

    “1. One parent stays home or do what they are doing today when they need child care”

    Really I think this is the main reason, it is to keep as many people at home as possible so that the economy recovers more slowly until after the election. That is why the first change date is the week after the election.

    “2. Work with other parents and create their own child care/pod school.”

    If a group of parents are going to be able to figure out a way to do it safely in a couple of weeks how come a group of highly educated people making their living doing this stuff and having since at least March 17th are not able to figure out a way to do it safely?

    “3. Use the process ESD has in place for “home schooling” This is a really great program!”

    This is a two edged sword, do the schools really want people seeing this as a viable option come whatever time they do choose to go back to full time? Its the same reason they spend so much time and energy fighting charter schools, students in public school seats equals money.

    The science says to open the schools, the politics say not until November and hope to undo the damage as an accepable cost.

    1. Tom, you are correct about childcare and regular school. Child care is not part of the union contract but it is a need for families. Family decides. There is little difference except the players involved.

  4. AA, as always you are mostly correct. But you questions are sometimes asked in a way to expose issues of science. There is less perceived risk to allow YMCA or others use space and then parents can use the plan if they choose at at their own risk. Kid catches CV, blame the Y or others but the school only unlocked the door.

    Your comment on 1, slow recovery and election is a nice statement but unless CV is in a different place after Nov I do not think we will see a sudden change by the elected. It is not easy for a politician before or after Nov to say, “Lets open up, some will get sick and die but it is better for the rest of us.”

    Your comment on 2, Schools can only say they did there best to be save but the know kids will get sick and the cannot say “Getting sick is just part of life .” Parents can manage that risk and accept the consequences.

    3 above, home schools. State pays the district around $16k for basic education if a kid sits in a class room or is home schooled. The local levy of about $2500 per kid is collected as well. ESD gets $18.5 for both types of kids. The issue is how is the money spent.

    We have a unique opportunity to “examine an reinvent” how we deliver education. Let’s start thinking of ways improve the delivery of education and less about blame. If a few people can change the “Connector” a few more organized can create and change the education delivery system.

    When CV is behind us if we have learned and done nothing, then we are the problem!

  5. Darrol, I will go back to my original question and I guess reword it.

    How does it make sense that the school is going to let a childcare worker teach the same kids in the same room they claim is unsafe for one of their teachers?

    How is it they can’t have a teacher there because kids will get sick but can have a childcare worker there even though kids will get sick?

    The science said open the schools in May, the spike in June with the schools closed would have been blamed on opening the schools. There is nothing to show that more kids will get sick and die with the schools open than they will with the schools closed and kids running around not social distancing.

    Remember back in April when I said Inslee would find a way to keep things closed through at least August, that if at all possible schools would not open in September but at the same time the Seahawks would be allowed to play, that was from looking at the politics.

    Barring some massive spike the reason they will open in November will be because “we learned what to do” when we know what to do from looking at Europe and will not learn anything they haven’t already learned.

    What it will really be is that the politics will tell the “science” what to say to make it safe enough to open. Just like they did when we had to contact trace restaurants for them to open then didn’t and we could only increase county phase if we were at 10 per 100,000 until politics decided 25 per 100,000 was safe and we have to mandate masks but not enforce it and bars can safely server alcohol until 10pm but not 10:01.

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