Soaring Heart Natural Beds coming to Edmonds

The new Soaring Heart store will be located in the current Edmonds Realty space at 2nd and Main. (Photo by Larry Vogel)

A Soaring Heart Natural Beds store is scheduled to open in downtown Edmonds Oct. 1.

The location will be the Main Street Plaza building at 2nd and Main, current home to Edmonds Realty.

Originally known as Soaring Heart Futon and Natural Bedding, the company was founded by Douglas MacQuarrie and Bob Vadset, who began selling futon mattresses and bed frames at the Fremont location in 1981. Mike Schaefer purchased the company in 2011, and the store now offers certified organic beds and bedding, which Schaefer described as “a reliable product for healthy living these days.”

Soaring Heart Natural Bed owner Mike Schaefer. (Photo courtesy Soaring Heart)

While “no real remodeling” of the Main Street Plaza location is planned, Schaefer said the 2,000-square-foot space will receive new flooring, paint and lighting. “We have a certain store design in our other locations that we want to replicate here,” he said via email. “We want folks to feel comfortable stopping in to take a nap!”

This will be Soaring Heart’s third store. In addition to the original Fremont location, Soaring Heart in 2015 opened a Bellevue store, on Main Street. Eugenia Woerz, current Bellevue manager, will run the Edmonds Soaring Heart store, Schaefer said.

Why locate in Edmonds? “We like walkable neighborhoods,” Schaefer said. “We also like Edmonds’ art district designation,” he added, referring to Edmonds’ status as a state-designated Creative District. “After all, ours are all handmade mattresses and bedding, plus we feature handmade bed frames.” The frames are primarily supplied by The Joinery in Portland.

“We can track all the materials in every bed we make back to the source – cotton to the cotton plantation in Texas, wool to the ranch in New Zealand, natural latex to a rubber tree plantation in Sri Lanka,” Schaefer said. “Our certified organic facility means our beds are assembled in a chemical-free zone, so everything arrives in your home guaranteed.”

Customers’ health is also a priority when they shop in-store, Schaefer said. “Everyone gets a freshly laundered robe to wear while shopping and, of course, we follow all mask and hand-cleaning protocols,” he said. “We’ve cared about everyone’s health and sleep for more than 38 years.”

As for the future of Edmonds Realty, owner Lucille Noel says that company “is alive and well and has gone virtual. We are still operating as before except that thanks to this age of technology in which we operate, brokers are safely working from their home offices, meet clients on location and mostly conduct business remotely,” Noel said in an email.

“It is a new, unpredictable but exciting world. We are committed to serving our existing and future clients as before, via our unchanged contact information and our website,” Noel said.