Youth-led protest to recognize racism scheduled Saturday in downtown Edmonds

A youth-led protest is set for downtown Edmonds Saturday, Aug. 29  to “support Black residents, recognize racism in our community and take action against it, recognize privilege and educate yourself on current political issues.”

Organized by Edmonds Youth for Equality, the protest will start with a 12:30 p.m. march from Brackett’s Landing to the Edmonds Historical Museum, followed by art and performances next to the museum. A rally with speakers will follow at 3 p.m.



  1. As septegentarians, we applaud the creative, artistic and authentic power of these youth to lead us forward into a newer, hopeful, inclusive and more compassionate world!

  2. Last week while at the traffic light by PCC my wife and I watched black lives matter “protestors” prancing around and trying so hard to appear noble and high minded. In the vehicle just to my right, the driver, who was black, was shouting out of his window to the protesters that black lives didn’t matter any more than their own did and to go home, and didn’t they have anything better to do. It was priceless. I gave him a thumbs up as I drove by. He knew the score.
    There you go. The one person they thought they were upholding was telling them to go home and get a life. Think about it.

    1. What IS the score, Philip? Who’s ahead? And what is it you resent so much about these demonstrators?

    2. I am glad these students didn’t go home, as one commenter suggested they should do. Which is better for our future- disengaged young people sitting home playing video games or engaged young people out demonstrating for equality and justice? I, for one, love seeing young people showing that they care about others. Isn’t standing up for others and for what is right what makes a strong democracy?

  3. As I await my second back surgery and third knee surgery which forced me into early retirement from a 35 year career in the building trades, I think I will take a week or two to reflect on my White privilege.
    Thank you.

  4. I’ve thought about it. The racism inherent in American society needs to be acknowledged. Institutions and attitudes need to change. Folks demonstrating at the intersection are bearing witness to these ideas.

    Don’t see the problem with a little prancing (walking or moving in a spirited manner).

    1. Susan lets say I agree with you, what next? The most obvious areas of systemic racism are in locations of the country that Democrats have been in control for decades. All these places that black males have been “murdered by the cops” are controlled by Democrats; Baltimore, Ferguson, Minneapolis, Tacoma, Atlanta, Kenosha. Either systemic racism does not exist or the Democrats are behind it happening. Are you prepared to vote out Democrats… if not you are supporting systemic racism.

      1. Anthony Aversano: That is perhaps the most convoluted ‘logic’ I have read in a long time. So if anything bad happens in a city controlled by Democrats, it is the fault of Democrats? Are you aware that the majority of police unions support republicans? Since republicans control our country, can we blame the violence, the division, the unemployment, and the covid 19 deaths on them?

        1. Name all the cities where we are seeing violent protests, which ones are democrat run and which ones republican.

          D – Seattle, Portland, NYC, Atlanta, DC, Dallas, Kenosha, St. Louis, Philly, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Oakland, LA, Denver, Austin, Salt Lake City

          R – ?

          The Feds have offered assistance and almost all have threatened to sue to keep them out. How many of those cities police unions endorced democrats or republicans for mayor? Is this just a lottery ticket winning level coincidence?

  5. As the nation’s athletes join in the Black Lives Matter demonstrating, they remind us: On average, American White people live more than four years longer (, are three times as likely to obtain beneficial knee replacements (, are more likely to have back surgery with good outcomes and to need that surgery at a later age (, have ten times as much savings for retirement (, and are less than half as likely to be killed by police (
    This is hard news. The signs on the corner say, “Black Lives Matter.” They don’t say, “Stop police killing Black People”, partly because Black families drive by. Every Black parent deserves the right to choose for themselves when to talk about this with their children.

    1. Adjusted for police encounters, black people are *less* likely to be killed by police than white people. Men are shot by police more often than women. This is not because police are sexists. Men commit more crimes.

      Nick, for you benefit, a peer reviewed, scientific study, conducted by a Harvard Professor: <- black dude

      Note: My dad is being denied a knee replacement currently. In the study you referenced, "African-American patients are less willing to consider joint replacement". Surgery sux and black people would rather not do it according to that study. It even indicates that black people would rather spend their money on something else, other than an elective surgery. This surgery also is not for everyone and it's a complex decision-making process. Will someone even survive the surgery and physical therapy? I think my dad is being denied because he is too heavy and doesn't demonstrate the ability to stick with physical therapy. There's finite resources and my dad might not be the right candidate. I don't know. Read the studies you post tho, at least the abstract.

      1. This was most definitely not a “peer reviewed” study, but was in fact released as a “working paper” in July 2016 (it is actually titled “NBER working paper number 22399”). It was subsequently panned by other researchers for sampling bias, and most recently (on June 15, 2020) was rejected in its conclusions by Nobel laureate James Heckman – who happens to be an editor at the same journal that originally published the working paper in 2016 (the “Journal of Political Economy”; U of Chicago).

        Furthermore, the study did not conclude that “black people are *less* likely to be killed by police than white people” – it only concluded that “(o)n the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we find no racial differences …” (see Abstract).

        Unfortunately, we will have to wait a while for the author (Prof. Roland G. Fryer, Jr.) to provide any sort of rejoinder to Professor Heckman, as in July 2019 he was suspended without pay from Harvard for two years for serial sexual harassment/misconduct, and his social science research lab was permanently shut down by the university.

      2. You cant say Fryer isnt peer reviewed then list peers who have reviewed it. Also, there are plenty of peers who cite and build upon Fryer’s work. Again I posit, men are more likely shot by police than women. Why? Dont ignore this question. Is this systemic sexism? You guys keep going back to nominal accounts of black shootings without adjusting for how much more often black people commit crime. That’s wrong-think.

        1. “Peer reviewed” means that a study has been reviewed and vetted by academic peers prior to publication, whereas “working papers” are not refereed, and are instead preliminary studies that are disseminated/distributed most commonly to elicit feedback from others. This paper was the latter, and that is why it was issued a “working paper” number in its title (i.e. normally done so that people who are intellectually honest would not incorrectly consider/reference it as a “peer reviewed” submission).

          Just because somebody submits a non-rigorous, preliminary “working copy” that is subsequently slammed by other academics does not make it then “peer reviewed” in the academic and/or scientific community – that is not what the phrase means in the academic/scientific communities.

          The Fryer conclusions have been broadly disregarded, if not thoroughly debunked, and the August 2020 edition of “Journal of Political Economy” (the journal that first printed this paper in 2016) has noted so in its commentary.

          Your problem Matt is that all too often you “link” to your comments those studies that are either discredited by the broader scientific community, or that don’t at all support your propositions (in at least one case they even concluded the exact opposite). Here’s an idea, why don’t you just link tomorrow’s weather report to your comments? That way we will at least be left with something useful, relevant and pertinent – tomorrow’s weather report …

        2. Paul, you’re wrong and you didn’t answer the question about whether or not the Criminal Justice system is systemically sexists. Maybe the debunking process is done by ignoring the points made. You lost the debate by ignoring the question.

        3. I gotta add Paul Gill, maybe you’re discrediting Professor Freyer because he is black, or maybe there is systemic racism in the scientific community too. Thomas Sowell is genius who is also often poo-poo’d when he makes the same points. This has gotta be racism, right? Is our priveledge showing?

    2. Thank you Nick – helpful statistics and references. May we learn again how to listen to each other respectfully express our different views, and make the effort to seek out the facts.

  6. In a country founded in genocide and slavery, with a Constitution that recognized that all *men* are created equal providing they were white, property owners, it is inevitable there would be a reckoning. BLM lays it on the line, and it would be wise for people of conscience to follow their lead.

  7. “Prancing around,” huh? Yesterday, in a grocery store parking lot, I took a few minutes to dance outside my car to a fave summer R&B song on the radio. I wondered if I were a BIPOC would I be judged, thought to be intoxicated, or worse, have the police called on me for “disruptive behavior,” or would my white privilege buffer me from those outcomes? Guess it was a good thing my BLM sign was in the back seat of my car…

  8. Two months ago I though Donald Trump was going to lose the election. Please keep protesting because now I believe he will win. Most people supported BLM (according to polls) now most people hate the organization. Keep going. Also, look at their website, click “donate” to the BLM cause to see their platform, which calls for defunding police. Overwhelmingly POC want police funded.

    1. Thank you for sharing that poll, Mr. Richardson. Here’s Gallup’s summary: “It’s not so much the volume of interactions Black Americans have with the police that troubles them or differentiates them from other racial groups, but rather the quality of those interactions.”

      When asked, “If you had an interaction with police in your area, how confident are you that they would treat you with courtesy and respect?” only 18% of Black Americans said they were “very confident”, compared to 56% of White Americans. On average, police are different to different people.

      As the Pew Center reports, “Amid Protests, Majorities Across Racial and Ethnic Groups Express Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement”

      1. Nick, the polls on BLM changed from positive to negative. June (the poll you’re referencing) and September are miles apart. Pew also take a long time to publish. Biden is not dumb, which is why he’s starting to pivot and starting to condemn the riots. His campaign is poll-testing in real-time. Again, BLM is digging themselves their own hole and I love it. It’s a white organization that uses terrorism (violent political expression), and it hurts black people. BLM is completely un-American, and it you hate America you might agree with that.

        1. Matt, can you please provide a source for saying BLM is a white organization? A quick review of their website shows that it was founded by 3 Black women, and that the leadership of the organization is decentralized by design. Additionally, I see nothing espousing terrorist tactics in their platform.

        2. Liz, very much appreciate you and your question. One of the BLM founders you mention is actually in Cuba, escaping extradition for terrorism. Assata Shakur is explicitly identified as an “FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist”.
 <- Shakur is the Che' Guevara of BLM
 <- the reward for information leading to her arrest is $1M.

          Other leaders, such as Shaun King, are often white. There's also a considerable overlap of Antifa in BLM, and that group is mostly white and lead by white people. It's a communist revolution.

          A common characteristic of terrorist organizations is the decentralization you're about. Groups are broken up into cells as a means to obfuscate leaders from the followers to avoid criminal liability of the leadership. Mr. Andy Gno, who documents their activity, points out that riots in Seattle and Portland have somewhat subsided when cells from Seattle and Portland traveled to Wisconsin to carry out acts of terrorism.

          ^^^ They are organized.

          BLM isn't going to expose terrorism. Scientologist don't tell you about Xenu during your first audit. Lights for Liberty didn't expose terrorism, but look at this thread where I predicted and cited the terroristic acts carried out by this group who was sponsored by the United Methodist Church.

  9. The young people are right and righteous in their protests. Do the police really have to shoot any man (regardless of color) in the back seven times for refusing to be arrested and trying to drive away? Do the police not have cameras, and records of lic. plate numbers, and radios that can’t be used to alert other officers and innocent bystanders that a possibly dangerous person is on the road? Do the police really have to put a knee on anyone’s neck after they are on the ground and handcuffed? Is all this brutality really necessary to have a lawful and orderly society? The term “black lives matter” does not negate the term “all lives matter” (as the alt. right wing politicos want you to believe); It actually enhances the meaning of the term “all lives matter.” The young people know they are being scammed and they are peacefully fighting back for the most part. They know that “race” difference is nothing but b.s. and lies. That is, the young folks who have not been indoctrinated in the hate culture by their role models and alt. right wing websites.

  10. It is probably true that Donald Trump has had some success in scaring a few people in the suburbs with his hyperbole and race baiting tactics, but I think intelligent folks are starting to see thru the flag waving and bible thumping. Such as “they are coming to get you if you don’t re- elect me” rhetoric. Like he has been successful up to this point in stopping the racial tension that seems to be exploding. No logic in this approach, just political rhetoric.

    Also, as I’ve pointed out consistently here, Black Lives Matter the organization is not the same as the term “black lives matter.” People on the right like to throw this out as a smoke screen to confuse people. I suspect the young folks demonstrating in Edmonds today have very little to do with the BLM organization.

    I would be quick to advise Mr. Biden, however, to condemn and refute the “De-fund the Police” movement. That’s a very stupid idea. The police are only as good or bad as the individuals who are hired into their ranks. De-funding them will only make things worse, not better. I can see the idea of redirecting some of the funding into social work type help where more appropriate. Or better yet, just adding funding for some better social work to take that monkey of the back of the police where it doesn’t belong in the first place.

  11. Well as a parent in Edmonds I can confirm that the 6th-7th graders have mixed opinions on this just like the people in this thread. Some instant pros balanced with a significant number of not so fast cons. I wish it were legal to record them but alas in this state I cannot record and replay the discussion of a bunch of 12 year olds when only one of them is mine. I can tell you that they left the jury out as they have a handful of actual black friends in Edmonds k12 who, like the yelling driver, warn them not to buy whatever BLM is selling. Kids are funny.

  12. It’s pretty simple stuff. Violence just begets more violence, regardless of where it originates.

    Trump supporters stormed into downtown Portland last night to confront BLM protesters and yelling led to fistfights, ending up in a right wing agitator (based on the logo of a hat he was wearing) being shot and killed by someone so far unknown. The bottom line is people on both sides are armed and willing to kill each other for whatever reasons.

    Trump tells us this will be the norm if he is not re-elected, yet it seems to have been the norm since before he was elected and during the three plus years he has been elected. So apparently, according to Trump, the magic bullet (ironic word) will be for Trump to martial the federal troops and police agencies to stamp out the violence after he is re-elected. Is the only thing keeping him from doing this now the election? After the election it’s no holds barred on cracking down on violence, especially racial violence? Is that going to make America be a good place to live for everyone? This man is a violence monger. He needs a race war to win again, and he is very likely to get it, based on most current events. I urge all to look at and listen to what Pete Carroll just spoke on yesterday and follow his advice.

    1. He does not get it Joy, he just keeps repeating over and over his hate and false narrative against Trump and Trump supporters. Redundant as always, far left forever, CNN follower.

  13. I’m talking about violence and things that generate and lead to violence in general. I’m not presenting so called “facts”, because I’m smart enough to know that neither any of you, or I, actually know the all the facts surrounding all this. The known facts in Portland when I wrote my comments were that people had driven into town riding in pick-up truck beds (an illegal activity in itself by the way), flying various flags and firing paint guns at people who responded by throwing things back at them. The trucks came from out of town to downtown apparently. As a result a man wearing a hat advocating some sort of white supremacy group ended up dead. I also know that the President referred to these folks in the pick-ups (breaking traffic laws) as “great patriots.” My premise is that this is the equivalent of pouring gas on the flames of fear and violence. I stand by that premise. I respect your right to accuse me of being wrong in that premise but don’t accuse me of advocating for or against any of the people involved or killed in the chaos. I only condemn the President for promoting the chaos for his personal gain. I think he is a very dangerous man and should not be re-elected. He will become a Dictator and your rights to say what you think right here on MEN are in his cross hairs.

  14. George Walker, who is in charge of the systems when people say things [like racism] are systemic?

    Technically the House [D] is the one in control of Government spending. The government isn’t in control of the economy so much as the Federal Reserve (a private company) is affecting the economy with low interest and QE. The world is in recession, and really Trade War is better than Trade Surrender.

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